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Workshops – Small Town Story  &  Trifles

August 29 – 6:00 to 11:00pm

with callbacks August 30 and 31

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Audition Notice OR

OR,                   Directed by Brian Scambati

A play by Liz Dufffy Adams

Please prepare a  1-2 minute comedic monologues that include heightened language. Anything from Shakespeare, Moliere, Sheridan, Shaw, Chekhov, Goldoni- or more modern authors who have a heightened feel, like Stoppard,  Chuck Mee,  or Sarah Ruhl in their period pieces.  Nothing that feels too modern or contemporary.


Set in 1660’s England, Or, imagines the behind the scenes life of Aphra Behn, a real literary figure who was one of the first female playwrights ever to have their work produced on the professional stage. All roles require impeccable comic timing, British accents, and an excellent facility with heightened language.

Aphra Behn:  Female, late 20’s. Extraordinarily quick witted and passionate, Aphra is a trailblazing female playwright and poet who is determined to turn the existing order of theatrical tradition and societal norms on their heads.  Deeply committed to her art, she will stop at nothing to have her voice heard. Having spent her early 20’s as a spy in the employ of the British monarchy, she has now come to London to make her place in the world as a writer. She is in love with Charles II, the King of England; both the monarch and the man. A star role requiring impeccable comic timing, great emotional depth, facility with verse, and an RP (Upper Class) British accent. Actress must be comfortable with same and opposite sex kissing.

Nell Gwynne:  Female, early 20’s. A poor Orange seller made good, Nell Gywnne is the star actress of London and the toast of the town. Foul mouthed, outspoken, and scandalous in her behavior, she is incredibly attractive both to women and to men. She goes about in boy’s attire to avoid being mobbed by fans and admirers.  Role requires excellent comic timing and an RP (Upper Class) British accent which occasionally lapses into shades of its original Cockney. Actress must be comfortable with same and opposite sex kissing.

Charles II: Male, late 20’s. The King of England, whose coronation in 1660 ushers in the Restoration- a period of relaxed mores, artistic expression, and personal freedom.  Charles is handsome, witty, urbane, and passionate- about England, about the Theatre, and about women, particularly Aphra and Nell.  Role requires excellent comic timing, maturity, and charisma. RP Upper Class British accent. Actor must be comfortable with opposite sex kissing.

William Scot: Male, late 20’s. Aphra’s fellow spy and sometime lover.  A double agent who spies on the English for the Dutch and the Dutch for the English, William is at best a mercenary and at worst a vengeful coward. He nonetheless possesses an unruly charm which once attracted Aphra and keeps him in her heart. Handsome and sexy in a rough, unpolished way.  RP (Upper Class) British accent.  Actor must be comfortable with opposite sex kissing. Also plays:  Jailer: Male, 50’s-60’s. An irascible, ornery Jailer who trades barbs with Aphra while she is in debtor’s prison. Cockney accent.

Maria: Female, 50’s-60’s. (Pronounced Mah-RYE-uh. ) Aphra’s outrageously ill-tempered older female servant.  Sullen and frequently irritated, Maria has nonetheless served Aphra through all of her adventures and misadventures , standing by her with a fierce, Mama-bear protectiveness.  Cockney accent.

Lady Davenant. Female, 50’s 60’s. A Grand Dame of the Theatre, Lady Davenant runs the Duke’s Company, one of the two premiere theatres in London. She needs a new play to produce, and fast- and comes to Aphra to commission one. A comic role with one great scene, requiring excellent timing and an RP (Upper Class) British accent

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show up at 6pm Tuesday to be assigned an audition group.

Audition Notice Workshops

Trifles                          Directed by David McDonald

Written by Susan Glaspell         3m, 2w

Please prepare a 60-second-or-less dramatic or serio-comedic monologue in realistic style from the 20th century forward. Of particular importance will be creating the world around your character in your monologue.

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Please contact one of the stage managers or

show up at 6pm Tuesday to be assigned an audition group.

SMALL TOWN STORY             Directed by by Michele Pawk

Book and Lyrics by Music and Lyrics by Sammy Buck & Brandon James Gwinn

TIME: September – November, 2010

PLACE: Speargove, a town in North Texas and a suburb of Dallas



SCOTT AMES, Male, 17, adorkable, he records life with a video camera, always on the outside. He’s active in school, especially on crew on all the shows. When he admits to his Dad that he likes dram club star Caroline, Scott takes a chance by auditioning for the show despite his Dad’s objection. In the course of the story, Scott finds his voice and passion…………..Tenor

ALEXANDRA “ALEX” PATTERSON, Female, 17, confident, brainy, snarky transfer from New York. Though Alex has a strong exterior, she is grappling with her sexuality while becoming close with Mrs, Herrold, the religious leader of her youth group. Alex and her reactionary mother have a strained but loving relationship,………….Mezzo belter

LOIS PATTERSON, female, 40s/50s, Alex’s outspoken mother, a fish out of water in Texas, recently moved from liberal Park Slope, trying to cope with her daughter’s involvement with more conservative friends. Lois has a dry wit about her and ultimately has to confront that she is not as liberal as she thinks she is……..Mezzo Soprano

LARRY AMES, male, 40s, Scott’s friendly father, former jock, born and bred Texan, owns the local grocery store that his grandfather built. He is facing single fatherhood for the first time while holding on to being “Fun Dad.” He encourages his son to audition for the school musical but reneges when Rent is announced as the show. Throughout the story, he and Scott become estranged, and Larry must find a way to make amends………..Baritone

CAROLINE BARNES, female, 18, sweet and “perfect” Queenbee of the drama club. She is a natural born leader, a spitfire but pragmatic. She is the embodiment of the love of theatre. Her parents, however, don’t pay much attention to her. She hides her pain, except when she becomes closer to Scott and reveals her vulnerable side……………Lyric mezzo

INEZ HERROLD, female, late 30s, a charming, sincere and maternal community activist, firmly entrenched in her Christian beliefs, takes a shine to Alex. She herself is unable to have a child and has extremely conservative morals. She should be the most caring and warm person on stage…………..

STEPHEN FORD, male, 30s, an earnest drama teacher. He believes that Rent is the right show for his students – that they are grown up enough to handle the material and that the town where he has lived all his life is primed for a thought-provoking show. As the story progresses, he becomes more disillusioned…………..Tenor

JESSIE NELSON, female. 50s/60s, wry school principal. The richest lady in town, she doesn’t really have to work, but deep down inside she is a caring educator. Politically she tries to be Switzerland.

RICKY, male, 18, self-centered and very good-looking golden boy. Flirts with Alex and ends up dating her and sleeping with her for her first time. He is playful but lacking a moral compass. His cavalier actions fuel the fire of the town controversy when he posts a video online.
… Tenor

KRISTIN, female. 16, nervous drama student. Gets cast in the high school production of Rent………… Soprano or Alto options

GWEN, female, 17, tough-as-nails drama student, gets cast as Mimi in the high school production of Rent…..Soprano or Alto options

TIMOTHY, 17, male, energetic drama student, gets cast as Angel in the high school production of Rent.………..Tenor

MARGIE (doubles as Reporter), female, 40s, an impressionable mother who “lives and lets live” …….Soprano or Alto options

DAVE (doubles as Reporter), male, 40s, good-ol-boy school board president… Tenor or Baritone/Bass options

On line sign up is now closed.

Please contact one of the stage managers or

show up at 6pm Tuesday to be assigned an audition group.

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