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will be held December 2nd and 3rd

from 9:00am to 10:00pm

Vocal and Dance 2nd & Callbacks on the 3rd

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Spamalot -

is Eric Idle's irreverent take on the mythic tales of King Arthur , his Knights of the Round Table, and the quest for the Holy Grail. Based on the film MONTY PYTHON AND THE  HOLY GRAIL.  Please note that all roles require excellent comic timing and a facility with accents.  Please prepare an uptempo song, one that possibly shows your comedy skills.


KING ARTHUR – G2 – E4 King of England who sets out on a quest to form the Knights Of The Round Table and find the Holy Grail.

SIR ROBIN – C3 – E4 ironically called "Sir Robin The Brave," though he couldn't be more cowardly. Also plays Guard 1 and Brother Maynard.

SIR LANCELOT - C3 – E4 Fearless to a fault, but, through a twist of fate discovers his softer side. This actor must be great with character voices and accents as he also plays The French Taunter, The Knight of Ni, and Tim The Enchanter.

PATSY – G2 – F4 Arthur's horse and servant. Also plays Mayor and Guard 2. Tap dancing ability a plus.

SIR GALAHAD – Bb2 – B4 begins as Dennis, a lower class mud gatherer who becomes knighted and transforms into the dashing Galahad. Also plays Prince Herbert's Father and The Black Knight. Strong baritenor singing required.

SIR BELVEDERE - an inept scholar. Also plays Galahad's Mother and Concorde (a horse).

THE LADY OF THE LAKE – G2 – B5 A Diva. Strong, beautiful, possesses mystical powers. Great singing voice is essential, as she must be able to sing effortlessly in many styles and vocal registers.


 ENSEMBLE - 6 Men, 6 Women - singer/dancers, super talented and versatile, to play numerous roles in the show.

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CATS – Character Breakdown and description

General note:

CATS require strong dancer/singers who can act and express with the body. It requires a commitment to imagination. There is some room for a variety of technical levels but all must possess strong athleticism and expression of the body.  Though Cats is a "pop" show; there is a lot of legit, sensitive singing required. Please don't feel as if you have to come in to auditions and belt your face off. There is also a lot of harmony-singing involved, so please indicate on your audition form if you have experience with choral or barbershop singing, and what voice you are. 

Elderly Cats:

Grizabella (F) – The Old Glamour Cat.  She had left the tribe many yeas ago to pursue her own wants and is now back and cannot find acceptance.  She is the mother of Bambalurina and Grandmother to Sillabub that she has never seen.  Strong belter with a large range. F3 to Eb5. 

Old Deuteronomy (M) – He is the old patriarch of the tribe.  He is revered and respected by all the tribe.   Warm baritone with large range. G2 to G4 

 Gus (M) – The old Theatre Cat.  A sad, old and frail cat who has lived a very fulfilling and artistic life.  He lives in the past and wishes he could do it all again. Legit baritone or character "opera" voice. 

 Mature Cats:

Jennyanydots (F) – The Gumbie Cat.  Mature and full bodied lovable cat.  Caretaker for the Kittens.  Soprano with classical timbre. Comfortable to high Db. Must be strong at holding close harmony

JellyLorum (F) – She is an older cat and mate to Gus but not a mature cat.  She is also a caretaker for the kittens and best friends with Jennyanydots. Soprano (G3 to G#5) Must be strong at holding close harmony

Bustopher Jones (M) – A Fat Cat.  An Upper Class Cat who is always ready to eat.  He is an honorary member of the tribe and does not follow all ways of the Jellicle tribe.  He likes a bit more comfort.  The tribe is taken with him and finds him fun, lovable and very impressive.  Baritone E3 to F4

Skimbleshanks (M) – The Railway Cat.  A charming, lighthearted cat.   He is everyone’s lovable uncle and a bit foppish High baritone/tenor

Adult cats:

Munkustrap (M) – The storyteller and protector of the tribe.  He must be strong and confident and is favored by Old Deuteronomy.  Big singing role - strong baritone with large timbral range.

Rum Tug Tugger (M) – An egotistical male cat that loves ALL female cats.  Flashy and arrogant.  He is good at heart and would not hurt a fly, but is a touch guy at the same time.  He and Munkustrap are brothers.    Rock and roll baritone, strong sexy falsetto an asset. Bb2 to Bb4

Bombalurina (F) – She is the leading Matriarch of the tribe and first wife to Tugger.    Powerful, strong and statuesque. Strong belter to C#5. Must be strong at holding close harmony

Demeter (F) – She is skittish and new to the tribe.  She has been befriended by Bombalurina and recently captured by Macavity.  Belter/Mezzo with wide range (G3 to D#5). Must be strong at holding close harmony

Macavity (M) – The Villain cat.  He is pure evil and is a cat gone wrong.  He is the black sheep of the family and brother to Tugger and Munkustrap.

Rumpus Cat (M) – A spiky haired hero who saves the day.

Tantomile (M) - A mystical witch’s cat - female twin to Coricopat

Coricopat (F) – A mystical witch’s cat – male twin to Tantomile


Carbucketty or Cassandra (F) – A playful young cat that is jumpy and skitterish or A young exotic cat that is dark, quiet and aloof.


Alonzo (M) – He is the leader of the young adults and second in command to Mukustrap.  He is dutiful and trustworthy.  Wants only to do go.

Young Adult/Teenagers

 MungoJerrie (M) – Male counterpart of the notorious cat-burglars.  Mischievous, cunning and likable.  High baritone/tenor. 

 Rumpleteazer (F) - Female counterpart of the notorious cat-burglars.  Mischievous, cunning and likable.  light belter/character voice

 Mistoffeles (M) – A young black Tom Cat with magical powers that he is still learning to use.  He is mysterious, playful and a loner but loved by all.  Rock and roll baritone. Might sing a verse of Magical Mister Mistoffeles 

 Pounciful (M) – A playful and virile young tomcat in love with Victoria.

 Victoria (F) – A white young cat, beautiful and sought after by all the male cats.

 Plato (M) – Young male cat that is after Victoria.


 Tumblebrutus (M/F) – a playful young cat that loves to jump and tumble.

 Quaxo (M) – a playful young cat.


Silabub (F) – Youngest cat of the tribe and daughter to Bombalurina.  She is the first to accept Grizabella. Pure beautiful soprano. She sings snippets of "Memory"


Etcetera – A young quirky, awkward and playful kitten.


*We will also be casting some pit singers as ringers as well as pit singers who are also swings for the show.

***We may play with some of the names and character types/ages as casting is done.


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