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Auditions for Iolanthe


Will be held December 8th Starting a 9:30 am

and Call backs on December 9th Time TBA

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Iolanthe Auditions:

Prepare 16 - 32 bars of a piece in a classical style that showcases range and a grasp of the operetta style. Gilbert & Sullivan repertoire is suggested but you could also look into other classical musical theatre, or classical artists like Mozart, Bellini, or Donizetti, for example. Please also have a contrasting piece ready that shows your ability with language/patter songs or your comedic abilities.

Iolanthe is a highly stylized and satirical show that requires an understanding of this specific style of comedy and language. In addition to your song, please prepare a short classical, comedic monologue - no more than 1 minute. (eg, Shakespeare, Greek/Roman comedies, Molière, Oscar Wilde, etc)

Special dance and circus skills will be a plus as will any American Dialect you may be proficient at - please note these on your resume.

Iolanthe is being somewhat reconceived and updated to suit a more contemporary, Staten Island audience. It will be set in 1920s Washington DC during the Calvin Coolidge administration; the Lord Chancellor will become the Chief Justice of the American Supreme Court and the Peers will be members of the American Congress from the House and Senate. The Fairies will take on personas of 1920 Chorus Hall performers, each with a unique eccentricity. Strephon will be an Arcadian Musician who lives a bohemian lifestyle and Phyllis will be a spoiled young lady from the south who wants nothing but to love Strephon and be a Hollywood actress.

Character Breakdown

Iolanthe (Mezzo - Soprano, C4-Gb5) - A passionate, gentle-hearted, self-sacrificing, tragic, and romantic heroine. She is a statuesque and beautiful “Hollywood leading lady” of the 1920’s - Gloria Swanson, Lillian Gish type.

Queen of the Fairies - (Contralto, G3 - Eb5) – She is righteous and strong, but very loving and lovable. She is a satire of the classic Wagnerian Brunhilde type who is now governing all fairies through the ages.

Celia (B3 - G5), Leila (C4 - E5), Fleta, and 7 Fairies – A parody of the Wagnerian Rhine maidens and chorus fairies of the Romantic Era of dance. All left over 1920’s chorus hall flappers and entertainers - highly individual and eccentric - quirky and lovable. Each one should possess a specific theatrical trait.

Strephon (Baritone, G2 - A4) - an Arcadian and Bohemian Actor/Musician/Entertainer - free spirited and romantic, wanting to marry Phyllis. Passionate yet confused about his state as half human / half fairy. He is youthful and idealistic, a Chaplain, Keaton, Lloyd and Jolson type of the 1920’s.

Phyllis (Soprano, A3 - A5) - from money and very spoiled - A 1920’s Hollywood ingénue that has a selfish side. She is youthful, jealous, passionate and admired by many men. Mary Pickford type.

Supreme Court Chief Justice, aka Lord Chancellor (Patter Baritone, G2 - E4) – Romantic character type who is susceptible to feminine charm. He has strong sense of right and wrong, yet his morals often drive him to great internal conflict. He is frail in stature and must possess a great sense of comedic timing and sensibility.

Speaker of the House Tolloller (Tenor, D3 - A4) and Majority Leader Mountararat (Baritone, D3 - G#4) - Uptight and controlling duo – the classic comedic, foppish duo of light operetta. Possibly a Laurel and Hardy type. They think they are very fond of Phyllis but later realize they may have conflicting feelings - for each other!

8 Senators/ Representatives and Judges aka Dukes/Earls - stuffy yet romantic, comedic members of Congress and House of Representatives. They are proud of their status in society and do whatever they can to maintain this control.

Agent Willis (Baritone, Eb2 - D4) - A dutiful Secret Service Agent whose “physical attributes are simply godlike”

2 Secret Service Agents – 2 physically attractive men who will be an ever-present aspect of Homeland Security while joining in with the chorus.

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Please be familiar with the show, characters, and score. We will begin with a dance call. You should dress appropriately in dance attire/shoes so that the line of your body is visible. It will be helpful to you to be  familiar with the original choreography from the opening sequence of the show. This musical is very type-specific. After the dance call we will be making cuts and then, if kept, asking to hear your musical selection.

Please sing something in the style of the show that demonstrates your vocal range.  Choose songs from the musical theatre literature---not pop/rock.  Your choice of material should allow you to perform in such a way that we are aware of which character you might want to play.  i.e. make strong choices and go for what you want.

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