Show Audition Information


Auditions for The Thugs and Stop Kiss

will be held on August 26 ,27 & 28

From 6:30 to 10:30

Please prepare a one minute contemporary monologue.

 First year performance majors are also required to sing a 2 minute selection from a Broadway show.

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Online sign up is closed, please see one of the stage management team in Main Hall at 6:00 pm August 26.


The Thugs

 The Thugs is a play about the type of rumor spreading, hysteria, manipulation, and bullying that stem from a culture of fear. It is set in a law office; on a floor where a team of office temps are preparing a case. There have been two fatalities in the building they work at, and nobody has any answers about what happened.

The language is extremely spare and so actors must mine the text very closely to make choices that are both justified and high stakes. Actors with experience working on Pinter, Mamet, or Churchill will find similarities in this type of text; text that demands specific and extremely sub-textual choices by the actors.

For the general audition if you have a monologue by one of these or a similar playwright, that would be very helpful.


Mercedes-     The office outcast. She is a busybody, and sticks her nose in everyone’s business. She has also been known to rat on her fellow workers to the boss about various matters.

Elaine-          She has been working here the longest aside from Diane, who she is closest to personally. Her mother just died, and she is trying to deal with the stresses of the office, particularly Mercedes, during this time.

Diane-            She is the supervisor. She has been here the longest and tries her best to keep everyone productive and on task.

Mary-              Mousey, and quiet. She hates Mercedes but tries to keep to herself and not cause waves.

Bart-               The biggest gossip in the office. He loves any drama, and is intrigued by the mysterious fatalities that have occurred in the office building.

Daphne-        Closest friends with Bart. She is in an abusive relationship with Joey. She hates work but loves going to work. Work is a social occasion for Daphne, and Bart enables this.

Chantal-        New to the office. She is used to legal temp work and she recognizes what is happening in this particular office.

Joey-              Daphne’s boyfriend. A banker. Angry, stressed, and takes it out on Daphne.

Stop Kiss

Character Breakdowns

Callie - Fun-filled, bold, messy with her apartment, 11 years living in NYC, traffic reporter for a news radio station, grew up in a tiny town in upstate NY,

Sara - 3rd grade teacher, lived in St. Louis her whole life,  lived close to her parents when in St. Louis, Teaching at Taft High School in the Bronx - PS32, wants to do good work, impact on her students' lives, a 2 year agreement, a go-getter, fun, broke away from her boring St. Louis life to have a New York City adventure.

*There is an incredible chemistry between Sara and Calli- they both like it, don't fully understand it and want to spend all of their time together.*

Detective Cole - wants to get to the bottom of the issue, assertive and aggressive, wants the truth

Mrs. Winsley - overheard the crime take place, feisty and matter-of-fact, been in NYC 20 years.

George - Callie's friend, sometimes they sleep together, sometimes they don't, onto the budding relationship of Callie and Sara, tries to snoop out what is going on, bartender,

Peter - Sara's Ex, comes to NYC to be with Sara after the crime, protective of Sara, truly loves her, wants to know the truth of what happened.

Nurse - sympathetic, caring, a good listener

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