Speech Proficiency Exam


The Speech Proficiency Exam can be taken to satisfy the speech requirement. It does not give you a unit. You would still need to take a class for a unit if you decide to take the exam. If you are a performance major you do not need to take a speech class as you have SPC102 Voice & Diction that satisfies the requirement of speech.

I have an informational packet in my office, Main Hall 16. Please stop by to pick one up. It explains the exam in detail and its requirements. If you do decide to take the exam, you will need to go to the business office, tell them you would like to test out of the speech class, pay the $25.00 fee, and bring me the receipt plus the top form of the informational packet. I can then put you in one of the speech exam test dates.

If you have any further questions, please stop by my office in Main Hall 16 or call 718-390-3223.

Thank you!

Diane Catalano