Jaime Lee Maraviglia

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Hailing from just over the Goethals Bridge in northern New Jersey, Jaime Lee Maraviglia began singing and dancing from the moment she knew she could, and would play make-believe for hours on end which she is sure her mother can attest to. She began her love for theater hanging around rehearsals of her big sister’s “Jesus Christ Super Star” choir production. And when she got her own solo in her 3rd grade summer choir camp show, that was it, she was hooked!

Dance ruled her time after school, training intensively at NJ Ballet and she can still remember how cool it was to sign autographs in Papermill Playhouse's lobby in her soldier costume!

Jaime played violin throughout her school years and is so grateful to have developed the ability to read music. Add piano, voice, dance and many church and school plays and you had a busy girl. Her fondest memories are performing in choir theater productions and going on tour with them, performing in churches countrywide.

In addition to training and performing, Jaime spent many a summer coaching and directing young children in the very summer church theater program she grew up in at 1st Presbyterian Church in Caldwell, NJ.  She continues to work in children's theater, most recently for Surflight Theatre.

Jaime initially heard of the Wagner program through a dance teacher, and came to Wagner College to pursue her craft and expand in versatility.  Jaime will be receiving her B.A. in Theatre Performance and Speech and a minor in Dance from Wagner College in May 2013. She is excited to begin the next phase of her artistic life, and knows that there are three things an actor must do to be successful:   Train, train, and train!


Jaime can be contacted by email at maravigliajaime@gmail.com.

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