Requirements for a Major in Theatre and Speech: Performance Concentration (B.A.)

Foundation Requirements - 4 units
Th011: Theatre Lab (2 half unit classes)
Th014-17: Play Production (4 semesters of 0 units; only one can be in FOH)
Th103: Script Analysis
Th111: Introduction to Design
Th233: Theatre History
Th235: Music Theatre History
Performance Requirements (courses to be taken sequentially) - 5 units
Th117: Acting Techniques I
Th210: Movement
Th217: Acting II: Scene Study
Th307: Musical Theatre Performance I*
Th307: Musical Theatre Performance II
Th317: Acting III: Classics
Required Cognates - 2 units
SPC102: Voice and Diction I
DA295: Musical Theatre Dance
*Students must pass a Music Theory proficiency exam or complete Musicianship for Performers or Rudiments of Music prior to enrolling in MTP1.
All required coursework for the major must be completed before registering for the Senior Learning Community.
Senior Learning Community - 2 units
Th461: Acting V
Th463: Senior Showcase
Students must also complete 4 technique classes (0 or 0.5 unit)
Checklist for Performance Major