Mission Statement

The Wagner Writing Center provides support for undergraduate and graduate writers of all abilities, in all disciplines, as they cultivate academic and professional writing skills that will serve them for a lifetime. Good writing reflects the work of Wagner College’s community of thinkers, readers, and researchers; the center’s mission is to foster individual growth as a writer through interaction with friendly, highly trained Writing Intensive Tutors (WITs) in convenient tutoring locales. Every student can become a more effective and confident writer.

As Writing Intensive Tutors, we promise…


  • to treat you with respect, courtesy, and kindness: the Writing Center's mission revolves around people, not papers. Writing Intensive Tutors understand the self-consciousness that students sometimes feel when sharing their writing. The Writing Center exists as a calm, safe, and respectful space in which students and tutors can hold meaningful and enjoyable conversations about writing. The Writing Center is a community that seeks to foster confidence and enthusiasm through dialogue and collaboration.
  • to be attentive listeners: in keeping with the aforementioned emphasis on people, the Writing Center is founded on the belief that writing is a IMG_0336vital form of communication. Meaningful communication requires focused, active, and engaged listening. Writing Intensive Tutors strive toward this practice and recognize that becoming a good listener is arguably the highest goal of any academic tutor.
  • to allow you to make the final decisions regarding your writing: the non-directive approach to tutoring that defines Writing Center culture stems partly from the belief that college students should take “ownership” of their writing (and their educations). Writing Intensive Tutors will never usurp control of your papers by demanding that you make certain changes; ultimately, your paper is  your work, and you must make the final decisions.
  • to provide you with specific, individualized guidance: Writing Intensive Tutors seek to tailor each tutoring session to the needs of the individual. As such, tutors will work closely andimage(20) deliberately with students so as to determine a specific course of action for improving the writer’s work. The Writing Center is founded upon the belief that each writer has a distinct and unique voice, and Writing Intensive Tutors thus seek to offer specialized direction for each writer.
  • to be punctual and organized: Writing Intensive Tutors are prompt and prepared for every session. Upon arriving for their appointments, writers will not be kept waiting, nor will they find their tutor unaware.
  • to preserve confidentiality: recognizing that writing is a highly personalized activity, Writing Intensive Tutors will maintain the necessary levels of privacy and discretion when reading and discussing student writing.
  • to direct you toward useful resources: student writers should be made aware of the various resources (both textual and human) that are available to them.
  • Writing Intensive Tutors will offer guidance regarding these resources and how they might be effectively applied and utilized.

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