Student Learning Outcomes

Students who visit the Writing Center will have an opportunity to...

    • hone their critical thinking skills in such a way as to enable them to analyze their own writing and to develop a clearer understanding of their ideas, their words, and themselves.
    • develop an appreciation of writing as a vital mode of inquiry that promotes the continuing search for knowledge, understanding, and truth.
    • improve their writing, listening, and speaking skills, and thus develop confidence in their ability to communicate and to express themselves.
    • cultivate an appreciation for the act of writing as a means of understanding how they, as individuals, relate to the world and to others.
    • recognize that the writing process, in its emphasis on choosing one's words and establishing one's position, is a process that is fundamentally connected to the definition and formation of one's moral, ethical, and spiritual values.
    • IMG_0308learn how to identify and understand various rhetorical situations, and to consider the factors that shape writers' approaches to the planning and writing of an argument (audience, subject, context, author, etc.)
    • learn to develop a process-approach to writing, one which leaves time for pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and evaluating.
    • learn the various methods of documenting and citing their research.
    • practice methods for defining and supporting a thesis statement through logical analysis and coherent argumentation.
    • acquire a style of writing that befits a college-level writer in an academic setting.
    • cultivate an openness to the rigorous process of revision.
    • develop greater confidence in themselves.

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