Accessibility Services

Mission Statement

Our goal is to encourage Wagner students to become independent learners, to take advantage of campus services and to engage in all phases of campus life.  We are committed to providing support and reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities to ensure that they can develop to their full potential. In our effort to provide timely support to our students, these webpages are continually updated.


Policies and Procedures

Wagner College in compliance with Federal guidelines is committed to providing accommodations and services to students with disabilities in order to ensure a comprehensively accessible learning experience where individuals with disabilities have the same access to programs, opportunities and activities as all others. We engage in an interactive process with each student and review requests for accommodations on a case-by-case basis. In determining reasonable accommodations, we consider each student’s condition(s), history, experience, and request. To begin the process to receive reasonable accommodations, notify the Office of Academic Advising and Accessibility of your request for services and complete the Verification Form which may be sent by a licensed professional to the Office of Academic Advising and Accessibility.

Verification Form for Students with Disabilities


Resources for Student, Faculty and Staff

This site is helpful for students, their families, and faculty to gain a comprehensive understanding of various disabilities and useful resources to assist academic needs of disabled students. You can find this information by clicking here! 

In addition, here is some useful information for faculty members working with students in their academic pursuits!



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