Institutional Reports

Common Data Sets

The Common Data Set (CDS) is a collection of accurate data on college enrollment, financial aid, faculty, graduation rate and other information about the institution as of the Fall reporting date. It was designed to help make it easier for institutions to respond to inquiries regarding admissions, enrollment and financial aid from state and federal officials, private organizations and the public.

CDS 2016 - 2017
CDS 2015 - 2016
CDS 2014 - 2015
CDS 2013 - 2014
CDS 2012 - 2013
CDS 2011 - 2012
CDS 2010 - 2011

Wagner Fact Book

The Wagner College Fact Book is published by the Registrar’s Office, in consultation with the Director of Institutional Research at Wagner College. The purpose of the Fact Book is to present useful and accurate information in a quantitative format.

Middle States Accreditation

Every eleven years, Wagner College is subject to a re-accreditation to assess where the institution stands as to fulfilling its mission. The organization of this self-study mirrors the approach of the Wagner Plan. Rather than presenting 14 discrete standards and chapters, the chapters and standards are blended where appropriate, so that the presentation is more reflective of how we perceive the standards within the context of the Wagner Plan.
Middle States Self-Study

Wagner Assessment

Assessment is an active learning process that focuses on accomplishments and progress rather than grading and ranking. It provides students with clear expectations for learning, criteria for what constitutes good work, opportunities to demonstrate what they understand, and ongoing feedback. Find out more about assessment here.

Campus Security

The Annual Security Report includes information on crime prevention, public safety, law-enforcement authority, crime reporting polices, disciplinary procedures, and other important matters about security on campus.