Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for appointing the next president?

The Wagner College Board of Trustees is responsible for electing the next president in accordance with the Wagner College by-laws. A Presidential Search Committee has been appointed to assist the Board of Trustees in carrying out this important task.

What is the role of the Presidential Search Committee?

The role of the Presidential Search Committee is to conduct a national search to identify and interview the most-qualified candidates and recommend a small group of finalists to the Board of Trustees, whose members will make the final decision on electing the president.

How was the Presidential Selection Committee appointed?

Dr. Warren Procci, the chair of the Board of Trustees, in consultation with the chair of the search committee, Mr. Andrew Cortese, appointed the Presidential Search Committee. The goal was to create a diverse group of community stakeholders, including students, faculty, administrators, and current, former, and lifetime trustees.

How will members of the Wagner community participate in the search process?

Much of this work has already been accomplished. Many members of the Wagner College community participated in the pre-search visit that the consultants held on March 19 and 20, 2018, the purpose of which was to seek broad input to assist in the search process. The search consultants were able to gather a multitude of information during several “listening sessions,” along with individual and group meetings. All in all, they gained valuable insights about the institution and the presidency from their visit to campus. To be of further assistance, please give some thought to potential candidates for the search and make a nomination, as described below.

How was the presidential profile developed and what will it be used for?

The presidential profile was developed by the search committee in consultation with our consultants. It was created based on the feedback that was received from the listening sessions and other conversations with various members of the Wagner College community. The presidential profile is the main tool that is used, along with advertisements, to attract and recruit potential candidates.

Do you expect the next President of Wagner to be an alumnus of the College?

While having a Wagner graduate lead the College would seem to be an ideal situation, the Board of Trustees encourages nominations and applications from Wagner alumni, as well as those of non-alumni. The Presidential Search Committee is entrusted to identify outstanding candidates in order to find the best person to lead Wagner College.

Will we be able to make nominations for the next President and suggest people who should be contacted as part of the outreach and recruitment efforts?

The search committee encourages people to make recommendations and/or nominate candidates. It is important that one reviews the presidential profile to ensure that the recommended candidate meets the search requirements. Names of candidates may be sent to the Academic Search Consultants, Dr. Jay Lemons, Dr. Ann Die Hasselmo, and Dr. Christopher Butler, at

Will the names of the candidates be shared with the community?

At the direction of the Board of Trustees, the search committee is conducting a “closed” search, which means that the names of candidates will not be made public. Many of our candidates will likely hold key positions at other institutions and will only submit an application if their confidentiality is protected and guaranteed.

Why is confidentiality so important in a search process?

Many of our candidates will hold key positions at other institutions and will only submit an application if confidentiality is guaranteed. Members of the search committee have signed an agreement that secures confidentiality for all discussions and deliberations related to the presidential search.

What information can search committee members share with me?

The information search committee members are able to share with the campus community is limited. The committee members are bound by the confidentiality statement that requires they not share any information discussed during search committee meetings, nor any information related to candidates, even after the search has closed.

Whom do I contact if I want to share specific information or if I have a question about the search?

As per the confidentiality statement and charge to the search committee, the chair of the search committee is the only person who is authorized to speak on behalf of the search committee and/or the search process. However, if you had something to add, you are free to contact our Academic Search consultants, Dr. Jay Lemons, Dr. Ann Die Hasselmo, and Dr. Christopher Butler, at

Are internal candidates treated any differently than external candidates?

All of the candidates will be treated in exactly the same manner and will be assessed based on the criteria laid out in the search profile.

When will our next president take office?

The official start for the next president of Wagner College is July 1, 2019; however, it is expected that the Wagner community will have opportunities to meet the new president before taking office.