Media Literacy in Teaching & Learning: Workshop

Media Literacy in Teaching & Learning: Workshop

“Instructional technology? Sure, I see it everywhere.
But how do I tie it to teaching and learning? What’s out there? And how do I get started?”

MediaLiteracy_tabletHave you recently been asked,

  • what educational technology tools you use or would like to use?
  • what are the challenges?
  • what support would help make your job easier?

It was the Provost’s office, the Center for Teaching, Learning & Research, and Information Technology asking those questions.

Through surveys, focus groups, departmental meetings and other conversations some important lessons were learned. Thank you for the discussion and your insights.

RSVP for Media Literacy in Teaching & Learning

While the Wagner community is ablaze with innovative and creative teaching, it’s clear that we need a spark to learn about the myriad of new online tools and approaches, how best to connect them to learning goals, and how to fully embrace the advantages these online technologies can bring to our work.

To begin to meet the needs of our community, we’re happy to announce a celebration of Wagner faculty: Media Literacy in Teaching & Learning, a series of training opportunities, pilot course programs, and faculty support.

We will kick off the celebration with a special day for Wagner faculty:

DATE: Friday, April 26, 2013 (RSVP)
TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
WHERE: Spiro VIP Room and Breakout Rooms
WHAT: Discussion & hands-on skill sessions

Time Agenda Item Location Who
8:00 Continental Breakfast Spiro VIP Room All
9:00 Hosted Panel Discussion with Karen Cowden, Matthew Stoltzfus, and Alan Levine. Spiro VIP Room All
11:10 Wagner Case Studies: Nick Richardson (chemistry) & Annemarie Dowling-Castronovo (nursing), Rhoda Frumkin (education), Jason Fitzgerald (education), Donald Crooks (business), Sarah Scott (art history) Faculty Dining Room Choose one
12:15 Lunch with discussion Faculty Dining Room All
1:10 Hands-On Skills Workshops with Karen Cowden, Matthew Stoltzfus, and Alan Levine. Spiro A, IT Training Lab, and Library Smart Lab Choose one
3:20 Wine & Cheese Discussion Spiro VIP Room All

Karen Cowden, Valencia College (FL) [@cowdenkaren]
KarenCowdenKaren Cowden is an innovator in developing reading curriculum activities and leads college-wide collaborative initiatives. The foundation of her practice is helping students develop a different way of thinking, behaving, and living to contribute as citizens who display academic demeanor. Karen will speak about her work with students on information literacy, evaluating the veracity of web resources, learning to read critically online, and student academic skill mastery.

Matthew Stoltzfus, The Ohio State University [@Dr_Fus]
MattStolzfusMatt Stoltzfus is a Chemistry Lecturer and Digital First Faculty. He teaches general and advanced inorganic chemistry to multiple sections of hundreds of students. (General Chemistry course website). Matt will share his experience flipping the lecture classroom by converting lecture material into pre-class homework assignments and classroom time focused on interactive problem solving and group work. Matt is also a coauthor on the Brown/LeMay General Chemistry project and an instructor with Apple’s iTunes University. Here’s a video, featuring him describing his approach, Rethinking Lecture Styles for the Virtual Classroom.

Alan Levine, [@cogdog]
AlanLevineAlan Levine is a thought leader in the use of educational media in teaching. Formerly director of instructional media at the Maricopa Community College system and affiliated with New Media Consortium. Most recently he’s developed the open, online digital storytelling course, “ds.106”. Alan will present his work on student blogging, digital photography, as well as the use of visuals/media and digital storytelling to help students design and build online identities, develop skills for networking and sharing, and tell their stories.

RSVP for Media Literacy in Teaching & Learning

We look forward to learning with you,

Lily D. McNair, Ph.D.
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Katia Gonzalez, Ed.D.
Education Department
Faculty Scholar, Center for Teaching, Learning and Research

Frank Cafasso
Interim Chief Information Officer