Faculty Exceptional Performance Award Application

The Faculty Personnel Committee, the Provost, and the Vice Provost for Academic
Affairs shall each year select from qualified nominees a total of ten (10) Exceptional
Performance Awards in the following categories:

(1) Wagner College Award for Excellence in Teaching

(2) Wagner College Award for Excellence in Scholarship

(3) Wagner College Award for Service to the Institution.

Normally, three (3) awards shall be given in each category with the remaining award to be given
to a fourth Faculty member in one of the categories.

Award: Each of the awards will consist of at least $1,000, to be an Honorarium.

Applications due April 1.

Exceptional Performance Award Nomination

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2023 Awardees

Excellence in Teaching

  • Dr. Frank DeSimone
  • Dr. Jose Luis Diaz, Jr.
  • Dr. Margaret Terjesen
  • Dr. Steven Thomas

Excellence in Scholarship

  • Prof. Theresa McCarthy

Excellence in Service

  • Dr. Patricia Moynagh
  • Dr. Laurence Nolan
  • Dr. Dane Stalcup

2022 Awardees

Excellence in Teaching

  • Dr. Paul Barretta
  • Dr. Heather Cook
  • Dr. Jessica England
  • Dr. Margarita Sánchez

Excellence in Scholarship

  • Dr. Sarah Donovan
  • Dr. Laurence Nolan
  • Dr. Lori Weintrob

Excellence in Service

  • Dr. Christopher Corbo
  • Dr. Richard LaRocca
  • Dr. Felicia Ruff

2021 Awardees

Excellence in Teaching

  • Dr. Annemarie Dowling-Castronovo
  • Dr. Bernadette Ludwig
  • Dr. Rita Reynolds
  • Dr. Katica Urbanc

Excellence in Scholarship

  • Dr. Laura Morowitz
  • Dr. David Schulenberg
  • Dr. Arunkumar Sharma

Excellence in Service

  • Dr. Edna Aurelus
  • Dr. Lori Weintrob
  • Prof. Lisa Woody