Graduate Assistants


  • Graduate assistantships are available to students in all graduate programs, with the exception of the following:

Special Education
DNP Program
PA Program

  • Second degree Baccalaureate students are not considered graduate students, and therefore, are also not eligible.
  • Students who have previously been graduate assistants are not eligible for graduate assistantship when pursuing a second graduate degree at the college.
  • All questions regarding graduate assistantships should be forwarded to the Dean of Graduate Studies, who will coordinate the program college-wide.

How to Apply

After you have been accepted and have deposited to the Graduate Program through the admissions office,  please complete the following to apply for a Graduate Assistant position:

  1. Complete the Graduate Assistant Application.
  2. Submit this application along with your resume to Theresa Kolsin

These resumes will be reviewed by all departments seeking graduate assistants.

The graduate assistantship (GA) regulations and procedures outlined in the handbook are designed to promote this academic objective.

The Graduate Assistant Handbook 2020-2021 can be found here: Graduate Assistant Handbook 2020-2021

Departments currently still taking GA applications:

Business Department