Level Up Your Wagner Plan: Vocation Across the Academy


Level Up Your Wagner Plan: A first year student workshop series to achieve your spring semester goal.

What is your goal for your time at Wagner?  More specifically, what is your goal for the spring semester?  Do you want to land an awesome summer internship?  Do you want to increase your GPA?  Are you unsure of how to choose a major or minor?  We can help with that!

Level Up is a new program for first year students at Wagner that will support you in achieving success in college and beyond by working toward academic and career-oriented goals that you choose.

Apply HERE by 12/1

  • Meet with student mentors, faculty, and staff once a week throughout the spring semester and learn more about skills that can help you achieve your career goals, and gain access to exclusive alumni mentoring opportunities.  Put the Wagner Plan to work for you!
  • Choose as few as 8 but up to 13 sessions and events; customize your program to get what you want
  • Upon successful completion of 8 sessions gain a credential badge to share with prospective employers on your social media accounts
  • This is not for credit, and it’s free, so don’t worry about going over your semester credit limit.
  • Earn $250.00 stipend for participation!

Session/Events Program Menu

  • Introduction: What is your Goal?  Make the Wagner Plan work for you*
  • Study habits, Scheduling Savvy, and Goal Setting
  • Self-Identification and Career Journey*
  • Creating your path*
  • Mental Health
  • Conflict resolution
  • Information literacy
  • Financial literacy
  • Alumni Networking Panel 1: Wagner Plan Success stories
  • Alumni Networking Panel 2: Navigating Identity/-ies in the Professional World
  • Alumni Networking Panel 3: Turn your Wagner Major into an Exciting Career
  • Finish your Goal; complete your credential!*
  • Various, as-needed/requested meetings with student mentors, faculty, tutors, and alumni

*sessions are required part of the program

Questions?  Email Professor Sarah Scott