Port Richmond Partnership


The mission of the Port Richmond Partnership is to encourage sustainable relationships among members of the Port Richmond and Wagner College communities to enhance student learning and raise civic awareness, while also supporting collaborations that address significant challenges and establish measurable impacts in five high need areas: arts, education, health, economic development and immigration.



The Port Richmond Partnership seeks to develop collaborative programs that contribute to school improvement, economic growth, health care enhancement, and immigration reform; play a significant role in advancing research and inquiry about pressing community issues; and build mutually beneficial curricular and co-curricular placements for Wagner College students to broaden their experiences and strengthen a wide variety of community-based services.

The Port Richmond Partnership offers the following opportunities:

  • Curricular and co-curricular based placements for Wagner College faculty, students, and staff
  • Professional development activities for area students, teachers, educational personnel, and organizational leaders
  • Cooperative programs to forward arts initiatives, school improvement, economic development, immigration reform and health promotion efforts
  • Research, data collection and dissemination

Each of the participating organizations brings special strengths and expertise to the collective body. Local schools such as Port Richmond High School, PS 19, and PS 20 open their classrooms and lend assessment strategies to supporting health and literacy programming and promoting college readiness. El Centro del Inmigrante, the North Shore’s leading immigrant settlement center, offers strong advocacy on behalf of immigrants and aids partnership members in understanding immigration reform from both the local and national perspective. Project Hospitality and Community Health Action provide expertise about the medical and social needs of the underserved, as well as disseminate statistics and other important information relevant to the community. The list of partners continues to grow steadily and totals nearly 30 organizations that are now activity collaborating with each other and Wagner College.


The Port Richmond Partnership was first broached by community leaders in 2008, as a way to augment Wagner’s highly successful Civic Innovations Program. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in the spring of 2009, officially establishing the Partnership. Based on an agreement between Wagner College and leading organizations and institutions in Port Richmond, the Partnership was designed to extend Wagner’s commitment to learning by doing and to rejuvenate an economically distressed community. Recently, Port Richmond has experienced a large growth in its immigrant population, especially from Mexico. This rapid influx has deeply influenced the social and economic fabric of Port Richmond and has created complex needs in the areas of health care, education, arts and culture, housing, and employment.
Since its inception, the number of partnership organizations has doubled, and through regularly scheduled meetings, partners have worked together closely to tap into existing community assets by continuing to build significant, sustainable, and increasingly ambitious partnerships. To date, 40% of Wagner College undergraduate students have at least one community experience in which they work with and learn from the residents of Port Richmond.

Focus Areas

  • Objectives

    1. Advocate for all immigrants rights and their families
    2. Documenting the Immigrant experiences and advancing community support groups
    3. Promote leadership development within all immigrant communities


  • Objectives

    1. Preventive education across lifespan
    2. Promote access to healthcare
  • Objectives

    1. To increase literacy in the Port Richmond community
    2. Increase the number of students that graduate from High School
    3. Increase the number of students that attend college
  • Objectives

    1. To provide continued and sustained economic growth of Port Richmond Avenue
    2. To promote collaboration among PR business owners
  • Objectives

    1. To increase the presence of and access to the arts in the community
    2. To promote the creation of Art in and for the community

Current Initiatives

The Port Richmond Leadership Academy is a three year commitment with a  five-week summer intensive  program, aimed to enhance and enrich the achievement of Port Richmond High School rising juniors and seniors, and future college first year students. The Academy is a truly unique program designed to deepen participants academic abilities as well as develop community capacity building skills to affect positive change locally. Academy participants are immersed in two  innovative, credit-bearing high school or college courses during the summer intensive, in addition to completing a focused community advocacy project or internships and engaging in civic learning field trips throughout the summer and academic year.

Click here for more information about The Port Richmond Leadership Academy

30000degrees.org is a civic engagement initiative of Staten Island’s three institutions of higher education designed to increase college readiness and baccalaureate attainment throughout the borough.


Our Purpose:

To prepare the future professionals, business leaders, and engaged citizenry the borough needs as it rises to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow – for a stronger Staten Island.

Our Goals:

To increase the number of college graduates with a bachelor’s degree or higher from Staten Island by 30,000 by the year 2025

To build sustainable cross-sectoral partnerships and institutional practices that endure beyond 2025, in pursuit of our purpose.

About 30,000 Degrees:

Inspired by Louisville’s 55,000 Degrees and their participation in the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, the College of Staten Island/CUNY, St. John’s University/Staten Island Campus, and Wagner College adopt the university anchor model to purposefully engage Staten Island’s educational stakeholders in higher education’s public purpose.  As stated by The Democracy Collaborative, the anchor mission is “a commitment to intentionally apply an institution’s long-term, place-based economic power and human capital in partnership with community to mutually benefit the long-term well-being of both.”  30,000 Degrees leverages the relationships and assets of the higher education institutions’, the innovations and entrepreneurialism of local K-12 public schools, and the resources of our extended network of public and private sector partners to reach its goals.

In alignment with the purpose and goals of the 30,000 Degrees initiative, Wagner College has extended it’s mission as a practical liberal arts institution to K-12 students from PS 21, IS 51, and Port Richmond High School. Each school in the K-12 pipeline is working with Wagner College to recruit and sustain cohort models to generate college awareness and preparation, through a lens that is unique to the mission of Wagner College, and the legacy of our 18th President, Dr. Richard Guarasci. Each K-12 student in Wagner’s leadership academies are exposed to college-level practices and consciousness, through the lens of civics and leadership within their own communities. Each of our founding K-12 schools has offered space within their buildings to Wagner College, as centers for college awareness. The centers are accessible to all students, and are consistently used for academy participants to convene for seminar and leadership activities. For more information visit our leadership academy pages on this website.

Lead Partners

Formed in 1997, El Centro’s Mission is to provide for the economic advancement and well being of immigrant workers and their families until all immigrants achieve full civic participation in the United States.

Read more on the El Centro NYC Website

Make the Road New York (MRNY) builds the power of Latino and working class communities to achieve dignity and justice through organizing, policy innovation, transformative education, and survival services.

Read more on the Make the Road New York Website

Faber Park and Pool is located on what was once the north shore home of the Faber family. Their lead pencil manufacturing company was begun by Caspar Faber in Stein, Germany in 1761. A century later, his descendant Eberhard Faber (d.1879) came to New York and built the first lead pencil factory in the United States. A 1987 merger resulted in the formation of Faber-Castell, Inc.

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Northfield LDC operates a number of programs that benefit individuals and stabilize communities on Staten Island.  During its more than three decades of service, the organization has continued to bring economic development initiatives to the Port Richmond Avenue merchants, including sidewalk improvements, increased security measures, graffiti removal, and loan services.

Click here for more information on Northfield Community LDC

Founded in 1928, Port Richmond High School has a strong tradition of academic excellence and service to the community.  Port Richmond strives to create a warm, family atmosphere where each student is welcomed as a valued member of a small learning community. Each student chooses a course of study pertaining to a small learning community that interests the learner in areas such as culinary arts, performing arts, visual arts, medical technology, Honors & Advanced Placement classes, Army JROTC, Legal Studies and more.

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It is the mission of Project Hospitality, Inc. to reach out to community members who are hungry, homeless or otherwise in need in order to work with them to achieve their self-sufficiency — thereby enhancing the quality of life for our community.

Read more on the Project Hospitality Website

Richmond University Medical Center (RUMC), an affiliate of The Mount Sinai Hospital and the Icahn School of Medicine, is a 470+ bed healthcare facility and teaching institution serving borough residents as a leader in the areas of acute, medical and surgical care, including emergency care, surgery, minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotic surgery, gastroenterology, cardiology, pediatrics, podiatry, endocrinology, urology, oncology, orthopedics, neonatal intensive care and maternal health.

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Staten Island Arts is interested in building a bridge between the viewing audience and artists–creating a cultural experience for the nearly 75,000 Staten Island Ferry passengers who go through the ferry terminal each day (over 21 million people a year). The goal is to turn passengers into participants — engaging them with art, and inspiring them to venture past the terminal and into the cultural hotspots found all over the island.

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The Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness is a membership organization of individuals and community organizations from the public, private and non-profit sectors established to promote wellness and to improve the health of the Staten Island community through collaboration and a multidisciplinary approach.

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Community Partners