Academic and Cultural Enrichment

ACE offers the Wagner College Community, as well as the broader Staten Island and New York City communities, a diverse array of lectures, symposia, workshops, performances and concerts in various intellectual and creative arenas. Designed to expand the classroom experience, ACE has become a forum in which faculty, students, visiting scholars, activists and artists engage the Wagner community in a public conversation. Students, scholars, and the general public are invited to discover common ground across disciplines, thereby cultivating a greater appreciation for a diverse world.

Contact ACE at  or  (718) 420-4503.

ACE Mission:  ACE events support Wagner College’s belief that students, faculty, staff, and the larger community are partners in learning.


All ACE events need to be held remotely. 
Maximum allocation faculty can receive is $500 per faculty member.
Maximum allocation per event is $250
Applications for Fall 2021 due Friday, April 16, 2021.

ACE Application Spring

ACE Application Fall

Spring and FALL 2021 Updated ACE Application Guidelines