Student Learning Assessment

Student learning assessment at Wagner College is a campus-wide effort which collectively engages and organizes the assessment activities of the campus community.  Follow the links below for information about student learning and other campus assessment efforts.

Campus-wide research projects about student learning

High-impact practices (HIPs) such as learning communities, undergraduate research, service learning, and internship and field experiences are positively associated with student learning and success. Research [...] Keep reading →
“For years, the value of a college degree has been determined not by the most important outcomes of a college education, but by the easiest outcomes to measure, namely, job and graduate school placement [...] Keep reading →
In its assessment of the Senior Learning Community (SLC) program, the Psychology department found that students were not making as many connections between theory and practice when they were doing independent [...] Keep reading →
Wagner College’s strategic plan (approved October 2011) states in part, “We are dedicated to a model of personalized education that integrates the singular field based learning opportunities of New [...] Keep reading →


Wagner institutional reports

Wagner’s Moodle assessment page with internal reports and information

Committee on Learning Assessment

Assessment personnel and resources

Student Learning at Wagner Fall 2012 newsletter (pdf)

Student Learning at Wagner Spring 2013 newsletter (pdf)

Student Learning at Wagner Summer 2013 newsletter (pdf)