Faculty Grants

The Development Office in Institutional Advancement works closely with the Provost’s Office and Faculty Grants Coordinator to secure funding for Wagner College. Faculty and staff that are looking to submit a grant or proposal for external funding should follow the steps below:

Submit Intent to Seek External Funding for Wagner College – at least two weeks prior to deadline

Determine funding source:

  • Government grants (e.g., NSF, NEA, NEH, Learn & Serve America)
  • Foundation/Corporate grants (e.g., Switzer Foundation/TD Bank Foundation)
  • Government appropriations (e.g., Health and Human Services, Education, and related agencies or elected officials)
  • Individual donors (e.g., Fox Fellows, Megerle Chairs)

Faculty Grants Coordinator (Nick Richardson) will serve as the faculty contact/coordinator.

Development Office will serve as the staff contact/coordinator.

All signed forms will kept in a binder in Development office.

Development will add to Grants Tracking Document for Board of Trustees.


Faculty – contact Faculty Grants Coordinator for assistance.

Staff – contact Development Office in Institutional Advancement for assistance.

Submit Final Approval Form– at least one week prior to deadline

All signed forms will kept in a binder in the Development Office.

Grant recipient must e-mail Department Chair, Provost, VP for Institutional Advancement, Faculty and Staff contacts upon notification and send original award letter to the Development Office to comply with audit procedures.

Development Office will update the Grants Tracking Document.

Checks must be sent to Director of Development – Reynolds House, with the account number where the deposit should be made.

Development Office will work with the Department Chair to create a new account if necessary, and to give Grantee access to the funds.

Project Director responsible for adhering to reporting schedule.

Send copy of non-governmental funding reports to Development Office.

For more information please contact:

Nick Richardson, Faculty Grants Coordinator – Megerle Hall, 4124 – nrichard@wagner.edu /ext. 4124