Senior Presentations - Class of 2021


This spring finds us once again challenged with unprecedented stresses, emotional, and professional burdens.  As you, the class of 2021, celebrate your graduation in person, we encourage you to find purpose and joy in the amazing work you have accomplished by sharing with an audience that reaches far beyond those you are able to host on campus.  Particularly in these past two months as you have completed your work, know that the questions and problems you ask and address below will serve you and the world as you embark on your next adventures.  Now more than ever the world needs your intellect and skills: nurses that promote health and wellness and combat addiction and depression, future investors to change the world, scientists to pave the road in computational chemistry and aging, historians to uncover new stories of past conflicts and religious events, and social scientists ask questions about what makes us human.  Usually, on the morning of Baccalaureate, a small group of seniors from across the college, chosen by their departments, come together to present their Senior Learning Community project to family, friends, and faculty.  While we still cannot be in person to do this, we offer these ‘artifacts’ to our community, and invite all to enjoy and celebrate the accomplishments of these outstanding students who have completed the final leg of their Wagner Plan with great success.

-Sarah J. Scott, Dean of Integrated Learning
-Utteeyo Dasgupta, Coordinator of the Senior Learning Community Program

List of Artifacts







Environmental Studies






Interdisciplinary Studies – Society, Culture and Media Studies


Theatre, DTM

Theatre Studies