Senior Projects - Class of 2024

Congratulations, graduates!


As you, the class of 2024, celebrate your graduation, we encourage you to find purpose and joy in the amazing work you have accomplished by sharing your work with an audience that reaches far beyond those we are able to host on campus. Particularly in the past semester or two as you have completed your projects, know that the questions and problems you ask and address below will serve you and the world as you embark on your next adventures. Now more than ever, the world needs your intellect and skills: healthcare professionals promoting health and wellness, business leaders changing the world, scientists and mathematicians answering important global questions, historians uncovering new stories of past conflicts and events, and social scientists researching and examining what shapes human behavior. The following seniors from across the College have been chosen by their departments to publish an exceptional senior project. We offer these ‘artifacts’ to our community and invite all to enjoy and celebrate the accomplishments of these outstanding students who have completed the final leg of their Wagner Plan with great success.


-Jessica England, PhD, Coordinator of the Senior Learning Community Program


A special thank you to Lisa Holland and others who helped to publish these archives through the Horrmann Library.

List of Artifacts



Dance Education and Psychology



Physical Sciences




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