Intermediate Learning Community


“Knowledge is something I collect,” says Kyle Glover. “Really that’s what interests me, is everything. I want to study everything. That’s why I’m drawn to Carl Jung — he was the last man, they say, to know everything.”

For a student of such ambitions, Wagner’s learning communities are just about ideal. Glover's intermediate learning community (ILC), “The Outsiders,” linked a course on 20th-century women philosophers and a world literature course.

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What is the ILC?


The Intermediate Learning Community (ILC) may be taken anytime between the first year and senior learning communities. The ILC may also be used to fulfill core requirements of the undergraduate curriculum. This learning community addresses interdisciplinary topics, allowing students to see the social and intellectual links between diverse perspectives. The intellectual and cultural environment created by learning together for a semester encourages active participation in the learning process. The goals are to expose students to, and involve them in, an interdisciplinary experience of “learning by doing” through sophisticated writing, challenging research and an integrated final project that facilitates critical thinking. The ILC concludes with a written or an oral presentation.

Most students will find it beneficial to take the Intermediate Learning Community early in their college career to fulfill two of the core requirements. Other students will be advised to take an Intermediate Learning Community required by their major. In all cases, students should plan ahead with their advisor to assure that this requirement is fulfilled in a timely manner.

Intermediate Learning Communities

Most ILC courses are composed of two courses, which must be taken together. Students must enroll in both courses. After the regular registration period ends, a student may enroll in one of the courses only with the approval of the faculty member teaching the course or if enrollments are under 15 students. Students who take a one-course, one-unit, team-taught ILC earn one unit and must choose which course the student wishes to take. All students who complete an approved Study Abroad program for at least one semester consisting of at least two courses are deemed to have fulfilled their Intermediate Learning Community requirements. Please note that ILCs change from semester to semester, so a given ILC might not be offered again. Also note that more ILCs are offered during the spring semester than during the fall semester. Please plan your schedule accordingly.

ILC Mission:
The mission of the Intermediate Learning Community (ILC) is to provide a common cohort of students with a heightened interdisciplinary learning experience including intellectual engagement and the development of enhanced communication skills.

ILC Goals:
The goals are to expose students to, and involve them in, an interdisciplinary experience of “learning by doing” through the following means:

  1. sophisticated writing
  2. challenging research
  3. an interdisciplinary project that concludes with a written or oral presentation.

Dr. Amy Eshelman

Intermediate Learning Community Coordinator, Professor of Psychology

718 420 4278 Parker Hall 112

Interests: social psychology, prejudice, stigma, gender, relational aggression