Intermediate Learning Community

ArtAn Intermediate Learning Community (ILC) should be taken between second semester of freshman year and the second semester of sophomore year.  The ILC may is designed to fulfill Key Skills and Knowledge curriculum, but may also address major, minor, and/or program requirements. Through hands-on learning, the ILC addresses interdisciplinary topics and explores the social and intellectual links between diverse perspectives. Expect to conduct sophisticated writing, challenging research and an integrated final project that facilitates critical thinking and involves a written or an oral presentation.

Some ILCs are composed of two courses, taken together. Other ILCs are just one course, one unit, with two professors teaching together. You can also fulfill the ILC by studying abroad in an approved program and taking at least two courses. More ILCs are offered during the spring semester than during the fall semester, and ILCs change from semester to semester — if you see one you like, take it! View course options.


Dr. Bernadette Ludwig

Associate Professor, Sociology Department

718-390-3487 Parker Hall 210

Associate Professor of Sociology
Director of Civic Engagement
Director of Civic Engagement Minor
pronouns: she/her