Declaring a Major

Major (typically 12–18 units)

TapYour major is normally declared no later than the close of the sophomore year. Students establish a major through the Office of Academic Advising and Accessibility. In order to graduate, you must demonstrate satisfactory knowledge and ability in your major field by earning the required course units in that field and fulfilling any other designated requirements for the major. No more than 18 units (or 22 for BS candidates) in any one discipline may be counted toward the 36 units required for the baccalaureate degree. You may complete more units only if these units exceed the 36 for graduation.  It’s up to you to schedule and sequence the necessary courses, along with help from your advisor.

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Double Major

MathIf you’d like to earn more than one majors, follow these guidelines:

  • The selection of the double major should take place during your sophomore year so that the respective departments may have sufficient time to develop a manageable program.
  • You must officially register for two major programs by filing the Student Information Card with the Office of Academic Advising and Accessibility. That form must be approved and signed by advisors from both departments.
  • Electing the double major means you must meet the related course requirements of each of the disciplines, unless they are identical. If that’s the case, a related course may be used to fulfill requirements for both disciplines.
  • Your senior learning community should be in your primary major.
  • The degree conferred will be based on your work in the primary major.
  • No more than 4 units of identical course work in a single academic discipline may be applied to fulfill requirements for both majors.


Dani Dong teaches marketing in Main Hall classroom to business administration students.

A concentration is a specialization within a major field of study. If you select a major with a concentration option, you must complete the appropriate courses for the concentration. The concentration will be noted on the transcript.


A minor is 5–7 units of acceptable courses in a single discipline. No more than 2 transfer units may apply to a minor. No more than 2 units of a minor may be applied to fulfill other requirements of the College major or a second minor. Each department determines which courses are acceptable, and you should discuss this with the chair of that department. A minor (or minors) will be noted on the transcript.

Elective Courses

Dedicated to the diversification of learning within the liberal arts, Wagner College limits the number of units a student may take in a major. You must enroll in electives not directly linked with your major. Faculty advisors will help you achieve both specialized and balanced learning during your college career.