Senior Learning Community

intern at ChanelThe senior year brings together all the different courses and experiences of The Wagner Plan to help you become a successful professional and inspiring leader in your chosen career. What does it mean to be an ethical biologist? What does it mean to be a responsible business professional? How can you practice your newly gained professional knowledge and skills in ways that are both rewarding and meaningful? As a senior at Wagner, these questions will help you transform the companies and communities where you’ll live, work, learn, and lead.


Each major has a Senior Learning Community with at least two courses (see courses here). In some cases, work leading to the senior experience and reflective tutorial may start in the junior year.

  • A Summative Course (usually 1 unit)
  • A Senior Reflective Tutorial (usually 1 unit)

The SLC maintains the following minimal expectations:

  • A senior project involving applied learning, leading to a final substantial and sophisticated written project and presentation
  • Summative course content in the discipline
  • A 100-hour experiential component
  • Experience in the practice of the discipline as a profession
  • In-class reflection on the connections between course content, experience, and professional practice
SLC Experiential Component Form



Utteeyo Dasgupta

Associate Professor, Department of Culture and Economy Parker Hall 105

Behavioral Economist. Experience in designing experiments to research economic behavior and policy impacts.