Senior Projects 2017

In accordance with the Wagner Plan and under the direction of Sarah Donovan, Interim Dean of Integrated Learning, each graduating senior must complete an  experiential component of a minimum of 100 hours of field or applied work as part of their Senior Learning Community.

This senior project may take the form of a practicum and /or research paper, or a performing arts presentation.

The goal of the 13th Annual Senior Presentations is to create a venue for graduating seniors to showcase and share their hard work and achievement  with the Wagner College Community, family, and friends.

A special thank you to the Senior Learning Community Council under the direction of Dr. Steve Jenkins.


Poster Presentations | 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Alexandria Brown – Psychology
“Technology Use, Workplace Efficiency, and Work-Life Balance”
Advisor: Dr. Amy Eshleman

Jazmin Diaz – Anthropology
“Neither Here or There: A Development of U.S-Mexican Transnational Communities”
Advisors: Drs. Alexa Dietrich and Celeste Marie Gagnon

Noah Wolthausen – Anthropology
“Oral Microbiome Diversity: The Future of Preventative Healthcare, and Anthropological Perspective” Advisor: Dr. Celeste Maria Gagnon

Brent Munton – Economics
“Breaking the Zone”
Advisor: Dr. Utteeyo Dasgupta

Kristen Salerno, Andrew Ruspantini, Jenna Tszuska and Melanie Reisner – Nursing
“Problems in Pregnancy and Childbearing”
Advisor: Prof. Tinamarie Petrizzo-Hughes

Nicole Aylmer, Elizabeth Bennett, Antonina Gambino and Robin Santoro – Nursing
“Safety and Infection Control”
Advisor: Prof. Tinamarie Petrizzo-Hughes

Nicole Aylmer, Nada Metwally and Robin Santoro – Nursing
“The Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease in Port Richmond”
Advisor: Dr. Nancy Cherofsky

Caitlyn Grima, Devan LaBarbera and Alexandra Zawisny – Nursing
“Diabetes in the Mexican Population in the Port Richmond Community”
Advisor: Dr. Nancy Cherofsky

Melanie Reisner, Kristina Salerno and Jenna Tszuska – Nursing
“The Effects of Breast Cancer on Staten Island”
Advisor: Dr. Nancy Cherofsky

Emma MacDonald – Sociology
“The Difference is the Tales: The Relationship Between Insurance Regulations and Accessible Abortion Care”
Advisor: Dr. Bernadette Ludwig

Robert Paul – Sociology
“The Untold Story of Domestic Violence: Male Victims of Femaled Perpetrated Domestic Violence in Heterosexual Relationships”
Advisors: Dr. Bernadette Ludwig

Mariah Joy – History
“Exposing Motherhood, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation in 1930’s America through the Matter of the Vanderbilt Custody Trial”
Advisors: Dr. Lori Weintrob

Kimberly Landstorm – History
“LGBT Plus Museums and You: Reinterpreting the Photography of Alice Austen”
Advisor: Dr. Lori Weintrob

*Please note the nursing students will not be present as they are participating in their pinning ceremony

Oral Presentations | 1:00PM - 2:30PM

Rebecca Martin – English
“Repression and Vermin: Gregor Samsa’s Metamorphosis as the Manifestation of Suppressed Feelings”
Advisors: Drs. Susan Bernardo & Ann Hurley

Brianna Tredway – Education
“The Effects of Racial Bias on Academic Achievement in Minority Students”
Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Lauria

Gabryel Oloapu – Psychology
“Meta-analysis of Racial Discrimination in Healthcare System towards African Americans”
Advisor: Dr. Miles Groth

Kelly Glenn – Sociology
“Why Adults are Allowed to say Children are Best Kept out of Sight and out of Mind: A Study on Adult Focused Therapy for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking”
Advisor: Dr. Bernadette Ludwig

Nicholas Bolster – Philosophy
“Just War Theory”
Advisor: Drs. John Danisi and Sarah Donovan

Katelyn Murphy – History
“Joint Warfare and Inter-Service Cooperation in the United States Armed Forces”
Advisor: Dr. Lori Weintrob

Connor Gibbs – Music
“Freedom of Choice: Deciding Music’s Future”
Advisor: Dr. David Schulenberg

Lisa Condemi – Film and Media Studies
“Maria: The Making of a Modern Day Parable”
Advisor: Prof. Sarah Friedland

Noah Wolthausen – Anthropology
“The Modern Forager: Restoring Urban Health by Improving Oral Microbiome Diversity”
Advisor: Dr. Celeste Maria Gagnon

Jazmin Diaz – Modern Languages
“Ni de Aqui ni de Allia: Transnational Lives”
Advisor: Drs. Margarita Sanchez and Celeste Marie Gagnon

Vanessa Dailey – Government and Politics
“The Dakota Access Pipeline: Litigating the Dispute” 
Advisors: Drs. Abe Unger and Patricia Moynaph

Katie Quann & Dean Marino – Theatre and Speech
“ALMOST, MAINE by John Cariani”
Advisor: Prof. Michele Pawk

Nina Gabriela Gross & Dean Marino – Theatre and Speech
“Baptize Me by Lopez, Stone and Parker”

Advisor: Prof. Michele Pawk

Anthony Tucker-Bartley – Biology
“Characterizing the Role of O-GlcNAcylation in Cardiomyopathy: Constructing A Trangenic Mouse Model”
Advisor: Dr. Horst Onken

Merrysha Yurino Castillo – Biopsychology
“Traumatic Brain Injury as a Disorder of the Connectome”
Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Blaize

Tyler Cropley – Chemistry
“The Impact of KCI on the Size, Shape, and Ionic Layering of Aqueous Reverse Micelles”
Advisor: Dr. Arunkumar Sharma

Alexis Nicole Dispensa – Microbiology
“In Vitro Antibacterial Activity of Essential Oils on Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus”
Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Bobbitt

David Ricciardi, Jr. – Physics
“Design and Construction of a Steam Engine”
Advisor: Dr. Gregory Falabella

Valbona Capiani, Aishe Cira, Nada Metwally and Meghan Wald – Nursing
“Renal and Urinary Problems”
Advisor: Prof. Tinamarie Petrizzo-Hughes