SLC Courses

Senior Learning Community Courses

By the end of the senior year, all students complete a learning community (LC) with a reflective tutorial (RFT) in their major. The Senior LC includes a summative major course and an RFT that includes a 100-hour experiential component, a substantial and sophisticated written project, and a presentation. Reflective practice is the central goal within the chosen field.


AN 491: Seminar in Anthropological Theory
AN 400: Senior Reflective Tutorial
AN 400E:  Experiential Component of Senior Reflective Tutorial


AH 491: Contemporary Art or AH 490: Imagining the Individual
AR 400: RFT Junior year
AR 480: RFT Senior year

Arts Administration

AA 490: Senior Seminar
AA 453/454: Internship in Arts Management

Art History

AH 490: Imagining the Individual
AH 491: Contemporary Art

Biology, Microbiology

BI/MI 400E: Experience
BI/MI 400: RFT
BI 492/496 or MI 491: Capstone Course


BI 496 or PS 441: Senior Capstone
BI 400(W) or PS 400: Senior RFT

Business Administration

BU 401: Business Policy and Strategy
BU 400: RFT in Business


CH 491 or higher: Senior capstone
CH 400: RFT

Computer Science, Information Systems

CS/IS 550: Electronic Commerce
CS/IS 400: Senior RFT and senior thesis


EC 400: Research in Economics
EC 420: Methodology and Research in Economics


ED 580: School, Diversity and Society
ED 550B/560B: Senior RFT, student teaching


EN 425: Senior Seminar
EN 400: Senior RFT

Government & Politics, International Affairs, Public Policy & Administration

GOV 490: Senior Seminar
GOV 400: RFT


HI 490: Making History, Makers of History
HI 400: Going Global: Autobiography and History


MA 321 (Advanced Calculus), MA 373 (Probability), MA 421 (Topology), or MA 431 (Abstract Algebra)
MA 400: Senior RFT and thesis

Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Senior Capstone Course
SP 400 or FR 400: RFT


MU 491: Senior Seminar in Music
MU 400: Recital, research, or practicum


NR 474: Nursing, Leadership and Management
NR 490: Senior Practicum


PH 401: Seminar — Topics in Philosophy
PH 400: Senior RFT

Physician Assistant

PA 630 & 645: Clerkship I & II
PA 790: Research Design
PA 799: Thesis


PY 411 (Electricity and Magnetism) or PY 511 (Quantum Mechanics)
PY 543: Senior RFT
Practicum, Experiential Research or PY 400E


PS 400: Senior RFT, Field Experience
PS 441: History of Psychology


SO 491: Senior Seminar
SO 400: Social Work

Theatre and Speech

Performance Track:
TH 461: Acting V — The Professional Actor
TH 462: Senior Showcase

Design/Management Track and Theatre Studies:
TH 400: Senior Seminar
TH 595: Advanced Theatre Practicum