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Want the inside scoop on student life?

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Friday February 05, 2016
Dear Reader,  So I've been thinking lately. I know, right? A woman? Thinking? What will the council elders have to say about this? Seriously reader, senior year makes you think a lot. Sure, half of the thinking is panic and the other half is exhaustion, but somewhere in that mix is a whole lot of nostalgia. [...] Keep reading →

Monday January 25, 2016
Dear Reader,  Well, here we are. They tell you all about it. You laugh and say, "Hah, I'll be ready for it when my time comes. I have nothing to fear." Then the time comes, and you fear everything. We're second semester seniors.  The dreaded alliteration has finally become a reality and I'm going [...] Keep reading →

Tuesday January 19, 2016
Wagner family, welcome back home for the Spring 2016 semester! Are you excited? I am a nerd at heart with an unrelenting passion for learning, so I know I am so ready for this semester. Now, in order to be a successful student, you need to be on top of your game from the beginning of the semester. [...] Keep reading →

Tuesday January 19, 2016
The group taking a historic tour of Old San Juan with our tour guides, Lulu and Joseph. As we stepped off the plane and into the hot air of San Juan, Puerto Rico, our minds focused on 1) getting a drink to cool down, and 2) the closest beach. Little did we know just how much Puerto Rico would mean [...] Keep reading →

Sunday December 06, 2015
The holidays are filled with a lot of traditions. Traditions varying from family to family. One of my favorite things is to hear about the different traditions that families have. For this blog post, I asked three students some questions about what it's like around the holidays with their families! [...] Keep reading →

Friday December 04, 2015
In early November, students at Virginia College noticed something new on the famous campus statue of Thomas Jefferson. On the morning of the 15th, students covered the statue with post-it notes featuring statements such as “racist”, “slave owner”, and “black lives matter.” Historically, [...] Keep reading →

happy thanksgiving
Friday December 04, 2015
To most, it is a day to sit around the tv, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and stuff your face with Aunt Jackie’s famous mashed potatoes and gravy. One thing that almost all families have in common is that on Thanksgiving Day, you’re surrounded by your loved ones and the ones you care [...] Keep reading →

Wednesday December 02, 2015
Back home, I had a few spots in my town that were ideal for me to be the most productive. Ranging from my dining room table, to the local Starbucks, to the park downtown. Now that I'm in a new environment, I needed to find those spots that would allow me to focus and get my homework done in a timely [...] Keep reading →

Wednesday December 02, 2015
I'm 20 years old, and a junior in college. It feels like just yesterday I was the geeky, awkward freshman Hadeel! I've grown and learned a lot since then, so I have some regrets and tips for you to follow to have a successful four years at Wagner College. I regret being too studious. I have been so [...] Keep reading →

Tuesday November 24, 2015
It's that time of year everyone! The most beautiful holiday of the year if you're a foodie (like me!) Bring it on; sweet potatoes, turkey, squash, and every type of pie you can possibly think of. Thanksgiving in college is a bit different... It's not just one day that you go to some relative's house, [...] Keep reading →