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Monday October 12, 2015
Manhattan You know that dreaded feeling when you go home for break and your parents have the entire extended family over and you just have to mentally prepare yourself for the question. Right? That question that every aunt, uncle, and grandparent will ask without fail is about your non-existent boyfriend, [...] Keep reading →

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Sunday October 11, 2015
What does it mean to be a mentor? Seriously, let’s ponder this word. What does “mentor” mean? Who do we consider mentors? What are the traits of a mentor? How do you become a mentor? Think of a person in your life who you consider to be your mentor, why are they your mentor? PRPLA mentors: Kendle [...] Keep reading →

Thursday October 08, 2015
  Bonnie Bassler once said "Science is difficult and slow no matter who you are. The hours are long, and the glorious 'aha' days come only very infrequently. You have to keep believing that if you put in the hours, those days will indeed come!" In this second blog, we explores the world of microbiology research [...] Keep reading →

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Monday September 07, 2015
WELCOME CLASS OF 2019 I can't believe that two years have passed since I was a freshman at Wagner College. I am here to offer some advice, junior to a freshman, to prepare you and help you through the transition. 1. The Adjustment: Living away from home for the first time is a huge adjustment.  It [...] Keep reading →

Tuesday September 01, 2015
Dear Reader, As I sift through a new year of HawkTalk applications (which by the way, you can apply here!) I am reminded of a younger Megan Irving. A freshman who had no idea what she would do over her time at Wagner. The friends she would make, the things she would do. You know, I'm getting too sentimental. [...] Keep reading →

Monday August 31, 2015
On Friday, August 7, I traveled across the world to Israel to spend a week immersing myself in Israeli culture while gaining insight to the current political, social, and strategic challenges of the region. With a group of 14 other student government leaders from across the United States, hosted by [...] Keep reading →

Monday August 31, 2015
Listen Up, Everyone! I'm going to give you some advice for how to survive the first week being back at college, all right? All right! First and foremost, respect others' opinions and don't be afraid to defend your own! But be on the lookout, because some people are like Dina. You may have been a [...] Keep reading →

If you know one thing about me, it's my sweet tooth! The candy in Israel?! SO cheap. SO delicious.
Monday August 31, 2015
While my other post about my trip to Israel outlined the learning outcomes and cultural/educational experiences I took part in, I wanted to make a more informal post outlining the Top 7 experiences I had while traveling through Israel. The People The Project Insight Group, including the Israeli [...] Keep reading →

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Sunday August 30, 2015
School starts Monday, and there is an array of emotions on the Wagner College campus. Students are moving in and professors are preparing their lessons, while the gardeners are planting even more flowers and Wagner fixes the Hawk's Nest for the millionth time. It's a great time to be on campus. Here [...] Keep reading →

Beach scene with striped towel, sunglasses, flip flops, seashell and starfish laid on old weathered blue wood decking.  Space for copy.
Monday August 24, 2015
Because everyone brings a starfish with them Have you started panicking that summer is coming to a close? Not ready for your favorite season to end? Is reading this making you even more anxious? Don't worry, you're not alone. You panicking This summer has clearly been the best summer of my life. From [...] Keep reading →