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Want the inside scoop on student life?

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Wednesday February 22, 2017
I've spent the last five days in this beautiful city of love eating croissants, drinking coffee in the sunshine, and wandering the Louvre. This is my first adventure of studying abroad for the semester of Spring 17 and I'm already loving it! I've always wanted to visit Paris after watching the Disney [...] Keep reading →

Tuesday December 20, 2016
I’ve always wanted to travel the world. And I’ve always been a relatively impulsive person. I guess the combination of the two of those might put me into trouble one day but last spring it served me well. Three days before the end of my freshman spring semester I had a moment of impulse that I wanted [...] Keep reading →

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Monday December 19, 2016
I never expected to transfer schools. I never expected to wake up one day, after nearly three semesters at my previous school, and realize that it was no longer the place I had once been so excited about spending the next four years. I never expected to transfer schools… But I transferred to Wagner [...] Keep reading →

Tuesday December 13, 2016
While applying to college, I was constantly getting asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. “What’s your intended major?” “What field do you want to go into?” “What do you want to do after college?” How is a high school senior supposed to have the rest of her life planned out? Wagner [...] Keep reading →

Tuesday December 13, 2016
You did it! The semester is over, your finals are done, and its time to go home for Winter Break! Hallelujah! You can't wait to get home to your family and spend some quality time with them... But let's be real -- as soon as you get home, you channel your inner Ramona: You might be planning to take [...] Keep reading →

Wednesday December 07, 2016
So, it’s that time of the year again: finals. Don’t worry though, you aren’t alone in feeling stressed and bombarded with work. But before you feel too overwhelmed with studying for exams, finishing papers, and trying to sleep in-between, here are some foolproof tips for staying calm during finals! [...] Keep reading →

Monday December 05, 2016
What is the First Year Program? A View From Learning Community 12 At Wagner College, each freshman is put into a first year program that tends to focus on a specific idea. Your first year program is your learning community, in which you have three classes that are inter-connected. Two of the classes [...] Keep reading →

Wednesday November 30, 2016
'Tis the season to be thankful! We explored campus to ask Wagner students, faculty, and staff what they're thankful for this year.   The post What Are You Thankful For? appeared first on HawkTalk. [...] Keep reading →

Monday November 28, 2016
I grew up in a family where holidays were the most special time of the year. Our traditions brought us closer together, and made the holidays some of my favorite and happiest memories to look back on. I am so interested in learning about how others celebrate holidays, what their traditions mean to them, [...] Keep reading →

Monday November 28, 2016
Public transportation is something that often intimidates individuals. However, it is a huge and wonderful part of the Wagner experience because it is so accessible and affordable. I was a complete newbie to every form of public transportation, but just after three quick months of different excursions, [...] Keep reading →