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Want the inside scoop on student life?

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Tuesday April 19, 2016
We are starting our last full month of college and for us freshmen, it has been one helluva year. I say that in a sense that we have learned so much about ourselves in the last seven months than we would ever imagine. Here is the rollercoaster of emotions that we have gone through from August to now. [...] Keep reading →

Tuesday April 19, 2016
If you are anything like me, you probably like to make the best out of outing. Meaning, if you are visiting a neighborhood, you want to make sure you are seeing/eating all the good stuff in one visit. As a Native New Yorker, I have practically clustered all the cool places to see, making my treks around [...] Keep reading →

Tuesday April 19, 2016
There were a million things that went through my head first semester when someone asked me if I was planning on joining greek life. At that point, my standing knowledge of sororities came solely from the movie House Bunny, a heartfelt comedy of a relatively vapid girl finding her family in a sorority [...] Keep reading →

Wednesday April 13, 2016
Songfest is an opportunity for student organizations to perform an 8-10 minute medley of their choice that correlates to a different theme each year! "A Tribute To..," was this year's theme and the lineup was as follows! Alpha Delta Pi Presents: A Tribute To The VMAs (1st Place) Alpha Omicron Pi Presents: [...] Keep reading →

college ready
Monday April 04, 2016
College has its ups and downs, let's be real. Here are some of the most nerve-racking college moments, and how to be successful in overcoming them! 1. Registering for Classes Registration time is among us! Are you nervous? Do you know what classes you need to take? If not, make sure you make an appointment [...] Keep reading →

Sunday April 03, 2016
Something that most male college students will never admit but seems to be true with the majority of them... Being a mama's boy. Whether they are embarrassed to admit it or thinking girls won't be attracted to them if they admit it. There are a scarce amount of males who will admit that their mothers [...] Keep reading →

Sunday April 03, 2016
Distance changed A LOT! Especially the communication between you and your loved ones. Whether you are moving from Long Island or you are moving from Australia, things will be different between you, your family, and your friends. I moved 900 miles away from my family and friends that I have spent the [...] Keep reading →

Sunday April 03, 2016
What is a microagression? For me, it is a term I learned in college, but which I have long experienced as a Palestinian Muslim woman. Microagressions are "the everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, [...] Keep reading →

Sunday April 03, 2016
College is no joke. Tuition, books, new clothing, dorm stuff, and snacks are all the things that families have to pay for when they have a student heading off to a college or university. All of these leave very little money that is designated for students to have as spending money for things that [...] Keep reading →

Thursday March 31, 2016
"Wagner only has 2000 undergraduates!" you tell your friend who is going to a state school. They give you an odd look and say, "that's it?! has 43,000"! Wagner College - Main Hall This has happened to me on multiple occasions when all my friends ask me how big Wagner is. Friends from across the country just [...] Keep reading →