Test Optional Admissions Policy

Recognizing the value of a holistic review policy, the Wagner College Admissions Office no longer requires students to submit standardized test scores as a component of the application*. Please review the following questions to further understand Wagner’s test optional policy.

No. Wagner has always placed the highest value on a student’s academic record (coursework and grade point average), which is proven to be the best predictor of a student’s success in college. In addition to the academic record, the Admissions Committee takes into serious consideration the student’s recommendations, personal statement, interview, extra-curricular activities, and achievements.

Yes. All applicants, regardless of whether scores are submitted, will be considered for all scholarship opportunities at Wagner College.

If a student believes that the test scores provide further evidence of academic ability, he/she is encouraged to submit those scores. If a student does not feel that the SAT or ACT scores accurately reflect academic performance and/or ability, the student should not submit them.

Due to accreditation guidelines, students applying for freshman admission to the Physician Assistant program are required to submit scores as part of their application.
Although Wagner College no longer requires standardized test scores for admission, the NCAA mandates the submission of standardized test scores for athletic eligibility.  Therefore, the College recommends prospective student athletes submit SAT/ACT scores with their freshman application.
International students from non-English speaking countries are still required to submit the TOEFL, SAT, or ACT.
The Admissions Committee reserves the right to request test scores for any applicant.

No. There are no additional components required for a student who applies under Wagner’s test optional policy. However, the Admissions Committee recommends that a student interview with an admissions counselor as part of the application process. While an interview is not required, it is highly recommended for all applicants, especially those students who decide not to submit test scores.

If a student submits scores, or if the scores appear on the high school transcript, and the student prefers to not have the SAT/ACT scores reviewed, the exam result will not be considered in the application review process.

A student can indicate in the application (or application supplement if using the Common Application) that he/she is electing to not submit standardized test scores.
A student can also contact the Admissions Office to notify the admissions counselor that he/she would prefer test scores not be considered in the review of the application.

Wagner College is a member of the Common Application.  You can review our application checklist.
For additional questions regarding Wagner College’s test-optional admissions policy or any other inquiry, please contact your admissions counselor or call the Office of Admissions at 1-800-221-1010.

*Due to accreditation, students applying for freshman admission to the Physician Assistant program are required to submit standardized test scores as part of their application.