Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

How many students attend Wagner?

The current enrollment is about 1850 full-time undergraduates and 375 graduate students.

Where are your students from geographically?

Our student body represents 45 states and 30 countries.

What is the freshman retention rate? What is the college's graduation rate?

86% return for their sophomore year; 75% graduate in five years. Both numbers are well above the national average.

What is the college's minority population?

About 24% of our undergraduates represent students of underrepresented groups.

How much does Wagner cost?

For the 2017 - 2018 academic year: $44,800 for tuition, and $13,650 for room and board. This includes housing and a regular meal plan. Information regarding the Physician Assistant program costs can be found here. We do not have extra costs for parking, use of our sports center, technology, etc., but there are additional charges for labs and studio fees in certain science, music and art classes. For a comprehensive list of costs and fees, please click here.   

Is the college accredited? By whom?

The college is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Specific portions of Wagner's academic program have recognition and accreditation by national professional agencies such as the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs, the National League for Nursing, the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the American Chemical Society.


Applying to Wagner

What grades/test scores do I need in order to be admitted to Wagner as a first-year student?

On average, our applicants have an 90 (or 3.5) GPA from a strong college preparatory curriculum and a 1200 SAT and/or 26 ACT. If a student believes that their SAT or ACT scores do not reflect their academic ability, they do not need to submit them as part of the application. For accreditation reasons, students applying to the Physician Assistant program are required to submit either SAT or ACT scores. International students must show English language proficiency by supplying official test scores. The minimum required iBT TOEFL is 81; the required minimum IELTS band score is 6.5.

When is the deadline for applying?

Our Early Action deadline is December 1st and Regular Decision is February 15th.  Physician Assistant applicants and Theatre Performance applicants must have a completed application submitted on or before December 1st. Music applicants interested in attending our Audition Day need to submit their completed application by December 1st.

When will I hear a decision from the Admissions Office?

Early Action students hear from us by January 15. Because Wagner is a selective college, we do not have rolling admission. Applicants who apply Regular Decision will be notified at the beginning of March.

Are there scholarships offered?

Wagner has a merit-based system for scholarships, and these awards are based on all material submitted for admission; which includes official transcripts and test scores, class rank, letters of recommendation, personal essay, activities/extracurricular lists, and interview (recommended).

How do I apply for financial aid? What forms are necessary and when is the deadline?

We use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The form is available after October 1st and we recommend sending the form in by January 15.  The code for Wagner is 002899. For more detailed information about financial aid at Wagner, please visit the Office of Financial Aid. About 95 % of students receive institutional aid at Wagner. Families looking for an early estimate of their financial aid package should use the Net Price Calculator.

How many students applied last year? Were accepted? Enrolled?

For the incoming fall 2017 freshmen class:
  • 2,700 applicants
  • 1,900 admitted
  • 440 enrolled
What is the procedure for auditioning for a Theatre or Music scholarship?

All potential students interested in majoring in Theatre must send in a completed application by December 1. Students who are seeking a music scholarship are required to submit an application prior to December 1st in order to schedule an audition. You need not be a Music major to qualify for a music scholarship. You must first submit your completed admissions application to the Admissions Office for academic review prior to scheduling an audition date.

What is your policy on AP or IB credits? What about college credit courses taken while I'm in high school?

You will get Wagner credit for any AP tests where you score a 4 or 5. Students who present scores of 5 or better on the IB higher level examinations may be granted advanced standing and/or credit. Wagner does not evaluate college courses for transfer unless the class was taken at the college or university and led by a professor with other college students in attendance. Typically, courses taken before graduation from high school are not transferable, but are usually viewed as a more challenging course by the admissions committee. Please contact the Admissions Office directly should you have any questions.

Do I have to schedule an interview for admission?

An interview is recommended, but not required. We do suggest that if you come for a tour, you also request an interview. It allows an opportunity for your admissions counselor to ask any questions he or she may have about your application. Information about scheduling a campus visit can be found here.

Is the TOEFL required of international students? What score is required? Do you have ESL classes on campus?

The TOEFL is required for undergraduate international applicants. The minimum score is a 81 on the TOEFL iBT or a minimum score of 6.5 on the IELTS exam to be considered for admission. We do not offer ESL classes on campus.

I am a transfer student. Do you accept credits from other college or universities?

Yes! Transfer students will receive a Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation if you are admitted to the College. Each course will be reviewed by the Registrar's Office to determine transfer credit eligibility. Typically, only courses in which a grade of C or higher was earned will be transferred. Up to 18 units may be awarded to a student who has earned an acceptable Associate's Degree from an accredited two-year college. Up to 27 units may be awarded to a student who has attended an accredited four-year institution. Junior class standing at Wagner College requires a minimum of 17 units.
Wagner does not evaluate college courses for transfer unless the class was taken at the college or university and led by a professor with other college students in attendance. Typically, courses taken before graduation from high school are not transferable, but are usually viewed as a more challenging course by the admissions committee.

What is a unit?
A unit is how we measure credit hours at Wagner College. Most classes at Wagner will count for one unit. For example, a student who is registered for 4 units in a semester is taking 4 classes.


Learning at Wagner

What is your students/faculty ratio? How large are the classes?

Our current student teacher ratio is 14:1; our classes are taught by our professors exclusively, not graduate/teaching assistants. The average class size at Wagner is 17. A typical first-year class at Wagner has 20-25 students.

Are class visits possible at Wagner?

We allow admitted students to sit in on a class visit at a Wagner Experience Day during the spring semester. Wagner Experience Day information will be sent to all admitted students, but for more information please contact your admissions counselor.

Does Wagner offer a formal program for students requiring accommodations?

While we do not have a formalized LD program, we do work with students on an individual basis from the point of application to ensure we have the counseling or services necessary in our Advisement Center.

Do you have an honors program? How do I join the program?

We do have an honors program, which is not a separate honors college but a very individualized program. Top scholarship recipients are invited to join our honors program by invitation.


Living at Wagner

Is on-campus housing guaranteed for four years? What percentage of students live on campus?

Housing is guaranteed as long as you apply to the College as a resident student and follow our deadlines for returning the housing contract and questionnaire as part of the New Student Form. You must also follow the policies of the Housing lottery each year. Over 80% of our undergraduates reside on campus, and most students live in our residence halls for the four years.

How many students are active in Greek life?

Approximately 15% of our undergraduates are involved in our fraternities and sororities.

Do you have job/career placement?

Yes! Our Center for Academic and Career Engagement (centrally located for easy access in our Student Union) offers everything from running seminars to prepare you for an interview to resume preparation to counseling on which position is right for your goals.

Do you have internships or co-op programs?

We absolutely have internships! Wagner starts out with experiential learning in the first semester, and then progresses to internships, study abroad, etc. All seniors must complete an internship or practicum in their major area of study. For more information, please also see the Wagner Plan section of this site.

Can I have a car on campus my first year? What is the parking fee?

All students are permitted to have a car on campus; it must be registered with the Public Safety Office.  However, parking is limited, and we would encourage you not to bring your own car if you are living on campus.  Wagner provides a campus shuttle that takes students to the Staten Island Ferry, which transports people to and from Manhattan.  Staten Island has an extensive public transportation system; one bus line stops at the main entrance to the college.  Taxi and car services are also available.

How do I get in touch with an athletic coach for recruitment?

Wagner competes at the NCAA Division I level for all athletic teams.  To learn more about our teams, view team schedules, and find coaches' contact information, visit


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