Visit Wagner

Throughout the year, Wagner offers different visit options to enable students to make the most informed decision about applying and attending the College. Please review the options below to find the visit type that best suits your needs.

We are now offering two options for your in person campus visit:

Daily Campus Tours: To continue to ensure safety at this time our in person tours will by appointment only. Tours will be led by one of our Student Ambassadors and will last approximately one hour.  Each tour will allow for four families and masks are required. We kindly ask that you limit the number of guests that you bring along with you on the day of your tour.

Friday Overview Visits: Overview Days will be offered through the Admissions Office on select Fridays throughout the summer. These visits are in person and consist of an information session led by an Admissions Counselor, a campus tour led by a Student Ambassador, and a meet and greet with the Admissions team to follow. The presentation will be 10:30-11:00 am, followed by a campus tour 11:00-12:00 PM.

In accordance with New York City COVID capacity guidelines, campus visits will be limited to 14 students and each student will be permitted to bring 2 guests only.

Before arrival on campus, all visitors must complete the mandatory health screening. If you answer yes to any question in the screening, you will not be permitted on the Wagner campus.

We are very excited to have you on campus soon!

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Our Admissions Counselors are available and eager to meet with you by video conference or phone call.  Please view the calendar and schedule an appointment with your Admissions Counselor.

Schedule a Virtual Meeting

During the Fall 2021 semester, our Admissions Staff will be visiting high schools throughout around the United States, meeting with students and Guidance Counselors.  Our staff would love to meet with you during one of our events. Please check back in September for our Admissions Counselors Travel Schedule!


Video Campus Tour

Tour: Intro to our Guides

Jacquie Cadorette '16 and Glen MacDonald '18 invite you on their walking tour of campus, starting in front of Pape Hall. Watch Tour: Intro to our Guides

Tour: Ferry shuttle

Manhattan is just a ferry ride away. That's right, a ferry. And it's free! Watch Tour: Ferry shuttle

Tour: Harborview Hall

This residence hall is home to all first-year students. Kolten Bell '19 shows us his room. Watch Tour: Harborview Hall

Tour: Student Union

A hub for students, the Union includes our dining hall, Hawk's Nest, campus life offices, and community engagement center. Watch Tour: Student Union

Tour: Main Hall and Oval

This iconic building sets the stage for art, dance and film studios, classrooms, the Main Stage Theatre, and our beautiful oval. Watch Tour: Main Hall and Oval

Tour: Horrmann Library

The place to go for academic research, group studying, and tutoring. Watch Tour: Horrmann Library

Tour: Spiro Sports Center

Home of our Division I teams, the Spiro Sports Center includes a fitness center, gymnasium, and pool. Watch Tour: Spiro Sports Center

Tour: Foundation Hall

Our newest building is home to upperclassmen. Jacquie Cadorette '16 shows us her room. Watch Tour: Foundation Hall

Tour: Megerle Science Hall

Wagner's home for the sciences, including renovated labs, state-of-the-art classrooms, and faculty offices. Watch Tour: Megerle Science Hall

Tour: Spiro Hall

Mostly small classrooms, plus computer labs, a planetarium, and our only large lecture hall. Watch Tour: Spiro Hall
Video thumbnail 2 Tour: Intro to our Guides
Video thumbnail 3 Tour: Ferry shuttle
Video thumbnail 4 Tour: Harborview Hall
Video thumbnail 5 Tour: Student Union
Video thumbnail 6 Tour: Main Hall and Oval
Video thumbnail 7 Tour: Horrmann Library
Video thumbnail 8 Tour: Spiro Sports Center
Video thumbnail 9 Tour: Foundation Hall
Video thumbnail 10 Tour: Megerle Science Hall
Video thumbnail 11 Tour: Spiro Hall