Wagner nurses making a difference

Wagner nurses making a difference

We recently asked Wagner College students, faculty, staff and alumni to tell us about other Wagnerians who were making a difference in the community.

Lauren Black of our Financial Aid office told us about two of her friends who are Wagner nurses: one is a graduate of Wagner College's Evelyn L. Spiro School of Nursing, and the other is an adjunct professor in the nursing school. Both are working in hospital settings, facing the current health emergency head on with their colleagues.

Marianna Agliata Dello BS’13

Marianna Agliata Dello BS’13 — Lauren Black said, “Marianna is a nurse in the emergency department at NYU Langone-Brooklyn. She is working long, hard hours to ensure that her patients receive the best care possible during this crisis, risking her own well-being to serve the community while also taking care of her own family. Even when facing challenges such as a shortage of medical supplies, Marianna remains a compassionate and dedicated individual who deserves to be recognized as a hero!”

Justine Davies

Prof. Justine Davies — Lauren Black said, “Justine is a nurse in the emergency department at Cohen Children’s Medical Center. While primarily caring for pediatric patients, she has had to transition into providing care for adult COVID-19 patients. Despite having to endure some patients who are at times difficult and even unappreciative of the hospital staff, Justine remains a dedicated, hard-working professional who is committed to providing the best care. She does not ever seek any praise or attention, but she is truly a hero serving at the front lines who deserves to be recognized!”

Do you know of a member of the Wagner College community — undergraduate or graduate student, faculty or staff member, or alumnus — who is doing something to make a positive difference? Let us know! Just visit the “Wagner in the Community” page on our website.