Christian Miller ’84 M’88 – Helped Wagner Establish the Heritage Society

Christian Miller ’84 M’88 – Helped Wagner Establish the Heritage Society

Christian Miller '84 M'88 is a loyal alumnus and

founding member of the Heritage Society


Christian Miller is a member of the class of 1984, and is one of the younger members of the Heritage Society. However, he has been supporting Wagner since his graduation and is one of those alumni supporters whose guidance and professional expertise have made a significant impact back on campus.

A big believer in maintaining alumni connections, Chris has served on the National Alumni Association Board. "All the basics of who folks are - those qualities are formed during college, " he says. "The friends I have now are the same I had when I started at Wagner in 1980."

At one point in his professional career, Chris was the executive director of the McBurney YMCA in New York's West Village. "McBurney has the largest heritage society of any YMCA in the country," Chris says. YMCA heritage societies, Chris explains, are composed of members who have remembered the YMCA in their wills. Chris used his McBurney experience to help Wagner College establish its own Heritage Society, which honors people who have made planned gifts to benefit Wagner.

The Heritage Society, formed in 2001, has become integral to the College's support, and its influence will only expand in the future. What started with a dozen members and with bequests valued at a few million dollars has grown to over 200 members and a future value that will double the endowment.

As a loyal alumnus, Chris contributes his "wisdom, work and wealth" to the College - as he supports Wagner theater shows, reunion events, and donating to the annual fund. And, of course, he is a founding member of the Heritage Society.