The Oval Society

You know you’re special, right? Not just to your parents or friends, but to Wagner as well. You’re special because you are a recent graduate of Wagner College, a citizen of the world as per the Wagner Plan. The closest thing we have to living examples of the exceptional educational experience everyone talks about.

Wagner students today are mirror images of you, they have the dreams you had, they are working hard to get to where you are now -and they need you to believe in them. One way of showing your support is by becoming a member of our Oval Society, and you can make a difference, one gift at a time.

The Oval Society is a group of highly inspired, and engaged individuals that give to Wagner exclusively through the recurring gift program. We’re asking you to become a member of the Oval Society, and make a difference by making a monthly recurring gift to the Wagner Fund. You can establish your first monthly recurring gift online at

Consider a gift of $500 this year. Seems like a lot, but divided into 12 months, it’s under $42 a month. Below are some more monthly breakouts for your consideration.

Monthly Contribution    Yearly Gift

$4.17                                         $50.00

$8.34                                        $100.00

$20.84                                      $250.00

$41.67                                       $500.00

$83.34                                      $1,000.00

$208.34                                    $2,500.00

This is the first time we are initiating a program of this kind. We have a feeling our Wagner GOLD alumni are uniquely inclined to pay it forward. We would be honored to have you join in. You can make a tremendous difference in the lives of Wagner students. To set up your recurring gift, please visit Wagner’s giving site and you can select a giving schedule that is best suited to your lifestyle.