B.A. in Art History


B.A. in Art History

The major in art history introduces students to a broad range of issues, skills and practices in the field of visual studies with a focus on works of art and architecture.

The curriculum is designed to familiarize students with some of the major periods in both West and Non-Western art history as well as the compelling methodologies and questions of the art historian. Courses train the student in formal and visual analysis and guide them in examining works of art and architecture within appropriate contextual and cultural frameworks.

The major prepares students for careers in the arts including museums and art institutions as well as for entrance to graduate programs in the field, but is an excellent choice for any student who wishes to be visually literate, providing key skills useful in a variety of professions and life experiences.

A minimum of 12 units with the following distribution:

I.   All of the following (4 units):

  • AR 105, any other Art and Design (AR) elective, AH 109, and AH 118

II.   One of the following Western art courses (1 unit):

  • AH 215, AH 324 or AH 217

III.  One of the following Global art courses (1 unit):

  • AH 219 (Egyptian Art)
  • AH 220 (Islamic Art)
  • AH 223 (Ancient Near Eastern)
  • AH 301 (Art and Narrative)
  • AH 302 (Assyrian Empire)

IV.  Two art history electives (2 units)

IV.  Two art history electives (2 units)

V.   Senior LC (2 units):

  • A Seminar: AH 491: Contemporary Art or AH 490 Imagining the Individual: What is Portraiture?
  • An RFT (AH400) based around field experiences, methodological research, and an internship at a NYC museum, cultural institution or gallery.

VI.  Cognates (2 units): 2 semesters study in a foreign language

*The following courses are strongly recommended for art history majors:

  • AR 221 Museum and Gallery Studies
  • AN 212 Archaeology
  • AA 250 Arts Management