B.A. Art and Design

B.A. in Art and Design The Department of Visual Arts offers a major in Art and Design leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. Within the framework of a liberal arts curriculum the Art and Design program develops students’ artistic, visual, and technical skills for careers and graduate studies in studio art, graphic design, and other professional fields including art therapy, art direction, animation, website design, and museum/gallery positions. The major encourages original forms of visual expression as vital means of communication. Majors are introduced to the fundamentals of drawing, painting, graphic arts, and art history, as well as diverse media, including sculpture, printmaking, photography, and new media. The senior curriculum culminates in the exhibition of students’ original artwork. Majors also develop their critical analytical skills in a written thesis. On-campus resources include the Spotlight and Union Galleries, where students are regularly exposed to the work of professional artists and exhibit their own artwork; fully equipped analog photography labs; printmaking studios; and computer labs. Off-campus opportunities include internships at New York City art venues and organizations. The Art and Design program builds on our proximity to major museums, galleries, and collections, facilitating students’ access to the most vibrant creative community in the world.


The minimum requirement for declaring an Art and Design major is a 3.0 GPA and a meeting with a full-time Art and Design faculty member, who reviews and discusses the student’s prior work and interests with them before admitting them to the program. The student will then be assigned an advisor within the department.

REQUIREMENTS FOR A MAJOR IN ART AND DESIGN (B.A.) Art and Design Majors will complete 12 units in the following manner:

  1. Core Art and Design Requirements: 4 units as follows:
  • AR100 Introduction to Studio or AR105 Drawing I
  • AR205 Drawing II
  • AR208 Painting I
  • AR203 Graphic Design or AR203 Printmaking I
  1. Core Art History Requirements (2 units):
  • 1 Art History survey course: AH109 Art History or Histories? or AH118 The Ancient World from a Global Perspective
  • 1 Art History elective course (200 level minimum)

III. Art and Design Electives (4 units, minimum of 1 at or above 200 level)

  • AR106 Ceramics I
  • AR114 Photography I
  • AR130 Digital Photography
  • AR200 Making and Seeing Art in New York
  • AR203 Graphic Design I
  • AR204 Sculpture I
  • AR206 Ceramics II
  • AR213 Printmaking I
  • AR214 Photography II
  • AR220 Beastly Art
  • AR221 Museum and Gallery Studies
  • AR234 Illustration
  • AR235 Public Art
  • AR291 Special Topics
  • AR308 Painting II
  • AR313 Printmaking II
  1. Senior Learning Community (2 units):
  • AH490 or AH491 Senior Capstone Course in Art History
  • AR400 Reflective Tutorial in Art and Design