Assessment Portfolio: Art Majors

Senior Year Portfolio Submission
Please be aware that in order to graduate from Wagner College with a B.A. in Art, you must turn in a portfolio in your final (senior) year, that will be used for assessment purposes. These works should be assembled from course assignments in your required courses. All of the works in the portfolio will be returned to you before graduation. The portfolio is a required component of the curriculum necessary to obtain the degree.  Please include four works of art (total) from 4 distinct media. The work you provide should be exemplary of your best work.  Your name, the date and the course in which the assignment was given should be on each work.
Media you might consider including are:

• Drawings

• Paintings

• Sculptures or 3-d works

• Prints

• Graphic design

Students must also include a copy of their senior thesis, a research paper involving multiple sources written in the capstone course. Please be prepared to turn in this portfolio no later than April 15 of your final year. This assessment portfolio is to be assembled by students majoring in art and by students who are double majors if one of the disciplines is art. Students who are art ed majors, with a concentration in art, are not required to assemble a portfolio for assessment purposes.  Students who are not yet seniors should keep all their art projects.