Film Studies Course Offerings

FM201 Introduction to Film Studies This course instructs students in the terminology of film analysis, including a breakdown of film style– genre, mise-en-scène cinematography, sound, and editing. Students will analyze films from a variety of periods and countries, and will apply this understanding through creative projects, analytical essays and journalistic writing. This course will focus on the artistry and history of the medium, as well as the social and political concepts that are illuminated by a thorough analysis of a film. offered every Fall

FM 210 Introduction to Video Production and Filmmaking This class will introduce students to the fundamentals of filmmaking– pre-production, script writing, directing, cinematography, sound recording, editing and distribution. Through the creation of their own films and through the careful analysis of the work of experienced filmmakers, students will explore a variety of stylistic approaches including documentary, experimental, and narrative filmmaking, with an emphasis on low budget, independent digital video production. Written and creative assignments will emphasize presentation and execution of ideas, professionalism, and collaboration. offered every Spring

FM490 Capstone Course: Film Theory This course provides a critical, historical, and global survey of the major questions, concepts, and trends in film theory.  We will examine how the study of film has been influenced by various social, cultural, political, ethical, and economic theories and how our identities help to shape and are shaped by the moving image.  Possible areas of exploration include: authorship, class, gender, psychoanalysis, race, realism and spectatorship. This course will also look ahead towards future trends of media making, interaction, and analysis. Senior standing is required.  offered every Fall

FM400 Senior Reflective Tutorial This course offers the senior major the opportunity to embark on a field-based project aligned with their particular concentration.  The project will be decided upon in conjunction with their advisor, and might take the form of an internship with a film or media-based firm, an independent production project, and/or an in-depth research project.  In addition to spending a minimum of 100 hours on independent work for the project, the student will be responsible for meeting with their advisor on a weekly basis, completing a series of multimedia journal entries documenting their work, and composing a final paper linking their project experience with the theoretical/academic background gained over the course of their studies within their particular concentration and capstone courses. Senior standing is required.  offered every Spring

FM 221 Video Editing  Students will walk away from this class with a hands on understanding of the great cerebral, organizational, and creative work that go into editing a film. We will also study the technological history of moving image editing– from Moviola, to tape to tape, to digital video editing and everything in between.  Students will work with found footage and their own media to edit in varying styles, including documentary, narrative, and experimental. offered every odd Fall

FM 222 Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking This course introduces students to the fundamentals of documentary production.  Through the frameworks of documentary history and ethics, students will learn about style and process in non-fiction film and apply this knowledge to their own documentary production work. Central to this course is a close observation and understanding of the world around us– from the microcosm of Wagner College to the Metropolis of New York City. Students will learn how to be respectful and acute observers in order to focus their lenses on the immediate and personal stories surrounding them. offered every Fall in the FYP and separately for general enrollment every odd Fall

FM224 Cinematography In this class students will learn how to use cinematography to further their skills as storytellers. They will be introduced to advanced concepts in video lighting, lenses, multiple camera shoots, and camera movement. Through the creation of their own cinematographic projects, students will better understand the role of the cinematographer on Fiction and Non-Fiction sets. offered every even Fall

FM322    Screenplay Writing This course will introduce students to film and television screenplay structure. Students will analyze the work of accomplished screenwriters in different genres (comedy, drama, horror, adaptation etc) and will learn to apply this analysis to their own screenplay writing. They will learn about character construction, narrative arch, story telling strategies, and proper screenwriting form. Students will be evaluated on their participation, creative writing (screenplays) and analytical writing. offered every even Spring

FM223    Intro to Media Studies This course introduces students to the history and analysis of different forms of media including, radio, television, video games and the Internet. Students will gain an understanding of why media is so pervasive in society and how to properly read and decode it. They will also analyze the artistry and technique of media production –– from radio plays of the 1920s to present day interactive media art. Students will be evaluated on participation, written work and creative projects. offered every even Spring