Current Exhibit

“Leaves, Diamonds, Moon”

Kevin Wixted

March 6- April 18, 2020

This exhibition pairs two distinct bodies of paintings Kevin Wixted has been developing over the past few years. One can be called abstract and the other representational, but the reality is they are one and the same.  The paintings question the relationship between perception, memory and invention. By showing them side-by-side Wixted wants to form a dialogue between several strong impulses that are always present in the work. This juxtaposition speaks to organic growth systems and sequences in nature, but also suggests the mysterious emotional encoding to be found in landscape. As game playing strategies develop through comparisons, the geometric and organic contrast leads to a variety of possibilities and interpretations. This formal play has its roots in the contrast of landscape sources experienced first hand and the metaphoric potential of abstraction. The interaction of color and shape has been an ongoing concern in Wixted’s oeuvre.  He concentrates on building an abstract vocabulary of rhythm, pattern and color relationships that reflect his experiences of both working directly from nature and inventing a formal language. Wixted wants the work to develop its own pictorial dynamic beyond the image, reflecting the particular geometry, color, texture and light of place.