Union Gallery

Current Show: THE SIGHT by Julianna Correa

April 11 – May 24, 2024
Untitled. From the series

Untitled. From the series “On the Edge”
Mixed Media: Cotton and natural silk textiles, polyester and cotton threads, digital printing, machine sti tching. Lithographic ink, carbon paper. 50 x 50 cm. 2024

The Wagner College Union Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of recent works by Colombian artist Juliana Correa. Correa observes, seeks, retrieves, and transforms threads and textiles, weaving them together to issue an urgent call for attentive SIGHT. This act serves as both resistance and
healing, addressing how we relate to nature and territory.

Juliana’s artistic journey is characterized by relentless exploration of materials, waste, processes, and techniques, leading to an intimate understanding of the artistic potential hidden within textile pieces. With a background in industrial design and specialization in Creative Intervention, she brings over twenty-five years of experience in the textile and fashion industry to her work.

Juliana examines the territory as a central theme, focusing on fragmentation, dispossession, and destruction.

Her textile works are composed of layers of cotton, linen, and silk scraps. Many of the materials used are recovered from the packaging of cotton bales, while others come from covers of notarial books dating between 1940 and 1980, preserving land deeds. The pieces are connected with free, dense, and light seams, both by hand and by machine. Loose threads intertwine and burst, creating a fabric without order or traces, yet with a distinct voice. Dyed, printed, oxidized, and sanded fabrics bear the marks of time.

These pieces invite viewers to move consciously, observing slowly, inquisitively, and actively. The earth and what remains of humanity call upon us to connect with stitches that must imperatively be louder and more harmonious.

Juliana believes that through art, serene, essential, and urgent conversations can be provoked about our relationship with the world we inhabit. These conversations can lead to actions that counter the destructive impulses that drive us toward attenuation and demise.

For further information contact: julianacorreag67@gmail.com visit www.julianacorrea.co
or follow @julianacorreag

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