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Unconventional Portraits
Wagner College Senior Art Show
April 12, 2018 through May 12, 2018 in the Art Gallery – Union Hall

The senior studio art majors have a show up at the Union Art Gallery through May 11 of their independent studio work. Brianna Hoffman focused her work on the figure, and in particular, the figure in motion and she explored this motif in drawings, sculpture and painting. Natalia Radzik chose to find angles and corners and ordinary moments often overlooked inside and outside of buildings. Quiet reflective scenes painted with rich limited palettes abstract her images. Andrew Russo spent the semester painting portraits of animals, both domestic and wild, choosing a monochromatic palette that dramatizes and sharpens his images. Anna Ward worked both in self-portraiture that was from observation as well as working from her imagination in her sketchbooks. Her imaginative drawings were often drawn from her own experiences. She also experimented with creating collaborative drawings with friends. One of these images is the postcard for the art show

Knock, Knock, 22” x 18”, oil on canvas Brianna Hoffman




Chutes and Ladders, 18” x 16”, oil on canvas Natalia Radzik



Thoughts 2 Nowhere, 14” x 11”, ink on paper Anna Ward



The King, 60” x 30”, acrylic on canvas Andrew Russo


Unconventional Portraits

Graduating art majors, Andrew Russo, Anna Ward, Brianna Hoffman and Natalia Radzik, “Unconventional Portraits,” exhibition will be on display in the Wagner College Art Gallery through commencement


Natalia Radzik – recipient of the 2017 Richard Gaffney Grant Award
Works from the Summer Drawing Marathon at the New York Studio School
February 14th-March 6th



Post Image for New exhibition by Bruno Zorzal
April 4, 2023
‘Impermanence’ runs in the Wagner College Gallery thru May 19; gallery reception, April 4
Post Image for New exhibition by Gina Fuentes Walker
November 22, 2022
‘On Thought & Process’ runs in the Wagner College Gallery thru Feb. 3; gallery reception Dec. 13
May 5, 2022
Linda Stein, "Holocaust Heroes: Fierce Females" June 4 - 19, 2022 Tues, Sat, Sun 1-4pm; Weds., Thurs. 4-8pm; and by appointment. The gallery is located in Union Hall, overlooking the Verrazano Bridge. Email 24 hours in advance to make an appointment or for further details
March 1, 2022
Artist Johanna Goodman’s “The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings” is an ongoing series of work begun in 2016 that sprang from over 20 years of portraiture and collage work. Now at over 400 plates, the body of work seeks to explore a range of themes in popular culture, including the role of the individual in fashion, […]
February 15, 2022
In the last few years, the Brooklyn-based artist fields harrington has interrogated the history and applications of technology and its relation to race, class and gender. For his online show at Wagner’s Union Gallery, harrington shares work from his series, “Black Secret Technology” (2019), “What Remains Constant” (2020) and “Steam Economies” (2021). In “Black Secret […]
May 19, 2021
Last year, graduating senior Sabrina Guzman won the 2020 Richard W. Gaffney Memorial Grant, meant to defray the costs of staging an exhibition of a student’s artwork. It honors the late painter and printmaker Richard Gaffney, who joined the faculty of Wagner College’s art department in 1967, serving as chairman prior to his death in […]
Post Image for Union Gallery opens new, virtual exhibition
May 18, 2021
Orly Cogan’s ‘Go Your Own Way,’ through Sept. 15
May 17, 2021
Wagner College Union Gallery is pleased to present this selection of work from the fiber and multi-media artist Orly Cogan. Through her tapestries, drawings and collages, Cogan explores feminism and the changing roles of women in our society through repurposing vintage fabrics (often previously embroidered by women). With humor, candor and a sophisticated sense of […]
Post Image for Past exhibition: Kyle Staver & Janice Nowinski
March 6, 2021
A virtual exhibition of paired artworks
Post Image for ‘We can do it together!’
August 3, 2020
Art professor Antonio Reonegro honors Covid caregivers with Boston mural