Richard Gaffney Memorial Project Grant

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The deadline for applying is March 20, 2018.

Applications are available by  using the link above.

Wagner College full-time students are eligible to apply for a Gaffney Project Grant. Grants may be awarded to students at any point prior to their last semester at Wagner. Most projects will take place in the summer.The maximum award is $750.00, and can be applied to any aspect of a students art education or art practice. At the discretion of the Art Department, one grant may be awarded or it may be divided into a number of smaller grants, not exceeding $750.00 in total during each Academic year. Some examples of projects to be funded include travel expenses (i.e. a summer trip to Italy to study Renaissance painting), expenses for framing for an exhibit, model fees for a specific project, or photographer’s fee for preparing a portfolio of the student’s work.

Proposals will include:

A. A timeline of your project
B. Exact materials you will need for your project
C. State why you have chosen this project
D. As much detail as possible on your choice of theme, media, influences, etc.
E. What experience do you have working with this media? Please tell us what experience you have in that media or in previous art projects.

At the completion of the project, students write a narrative summary of the experience, including financial documentation of how the Grant money was spent. Students will be offered an exhibition in Wagner’s Spotlight Gallery.


Past Winners of the Richard Gaffney Grant


2015 Elizabeth Murphy of New Brunswick, N.J. won the Richard Gaffney Memorial Grant to support student work in the visual arts. The Gaffney Grant is meant to help cover the costs for a student art project. Murphy’s project is to create innovative sculptural swings made from discarded items that will hang as installations on campus. Her intention is to draw attention to the environment and to re-use materials in a surprising way. Although only a first-year student, Murphy has shown excellent focus and passion as an art student in painting.


Past winners.....

Student Awards Dinner May 3.2013 041Carly Schmidt, winner of the 2013 Gaffney Grant Award

Student Award Dinner April 27 2012 048Alison Tusick, winner of the 2012 Gaffney Grant Award

_RJF0515Jacqueline Scanlon, winner of the 2011 Gaffney Grant Award

Matthew Jasinski , winner of the 2010 Gaffney Grant Award

Shauna Sorensen was the 2009 winner of the Gaffney Grant Award

Robert Geronimo was the 2008 winner of the Gaffney Grant Award, along with Sirena LaBurn (see work below)who was unable to be there for the presentation.

-Sirena LaBurn -

Pasquale Chieffalo,

winner of the 2007  Gaffney Grant Award

Dana Kennedy,  2006 winner of Gaffney Grant Award