Biological Sciences Home

Department of Biological Sciences offers the following programs –

  • Bachelor of Science – Biology (declared before Fall 2022)
  • Bachelor of Science – General Biology (begins Fall 2022)
  • Bachelor of Science – Biopsychology (with Psychology department)
  • Bachelor of Science – Health Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science – Microbiology (declared before Fall 2022)
  • Bachelor of Science – Microbiology & Immunology (begins Fall 2022)
  • Bachelor of Science – Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry (begins Fall 2022)
  • Bachelor of Science – Neuroscience (begins Fall 2022)
  • Bachelor of Arts – Environmental Studies (with Anthropology department)
  • Bachelor/Master of Science – Microbiology 5-year program
  • Master of Science – Microbiology
  • Minor in Biology
  • Minor in Environmental Studies (with Anthropology department)
  • Minor in Microbiology


From left to right standing:
Mrs. Stephanie Rollizo, Prof. Linda Raths, Dr. Chris Corbo, Dr. Horst Onken,
Dr. Donald Stearns, Dr. Katherine Moccia, Dr. Heather Cook
(Camera shy: Dr. Melissa Lamanna, Dr. Nicole LaMassa, Dr. Christopher Marra, and Dr. Bin Zhu)

  • Megerle Science Building, 3rd and 4th floors
    Division of Sciences and Math Chair:  Dr. Bin Zhu
    Division Administrative Assistant:  Mrs. Marisa Scarpa, Room 109


Program Coordinators:
Coordinator of General Biology – Dr. Donald Stearns
Coordinator of Health Sciences – Dr. Bin Zhu
Coordinator of Microbiology & Immunology – Dr. Katherine Moccia
Coordinator of Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry – Dr. Heather Cook
Coordinator of Neuroscience – Dr. Christopher Marra

Director of the Graduate Program in Microbiology – Dr. Melissa Lamanna

Director of the Senior Learning Community – Dr. Horst Onken


Interested in the combined 5 Year BS/MS Program in Microbiology? Please contact Dr. Melissa Lamanna or visit the program page for more information.