The Department of Biological Sciences acquired and maintains a number of collections that are available for teaching and/or research. A huge collection of prepared microscope slides covers all areas of biology. A collection of animal skeletons and preserved specimen is available for Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy. Human Anatomy and Physiology  is covered with a considerable collection of skeletons, human bones, and anatomical models. Biodiversity is covered by a considerable collection of preserved animals and plants.
Especially noteworthy are three collections:

The Henry W. Kircher Lepidoptera Collection (donated in 1965 by Reverend Henry W. Kircher, consisting of 1327 specimens of domestic moths and butterflies, 545 foreign Papilio specimens, and 34 specimens of Ornithoptera) had been collected by the grandfather of the donator. This very valuable collection is not on permanent display and only accessible on special occasions or for research purposes.

The Anthony Pfister Fossil Collection of the former faculty member Dr. Anthony Pfister, consisting of numerous interesting and beautiful fossils of animals and plants from different eras of the history of biological evolution on our planet.

The Mildred Nelson Shell Collection donated by Mildred Nelson, a former Registrar of Wagner College.