Facility Guidelines

It is the responsibility of every user to help keep the facility in working order. Please adhere to a few guidelines to help make everyone’s experience pleasant and productive.

  1. This equipment can be used only by those individuals who have an extensive training in electron microscopy. It is the responsibility for all users to be trained. Once trained, if you are still unsure as to how to operate a piece of equipment, please make sure you receive the proper guidance from the director or the GA. You are assuming full responsibility for the equipment while you are operating it.
  2. All equipment should be left as it was found. Please be sure that all parts (small screw drivers and samples holders for example) are present when you are finished. Please also remove any samples from the microscopes as the next user will not know of their origin or their value to you.
  3. Please sign up for equipment in advance as all equipment is on a first-come first-serve basis. If you wish to cancel your appointment, please contact the director or the GA immediately. (a new reservation system will be available soon)
  4. If a problem arises during your session, please alert the director or the GA immediately so that the problem can be corrected and if necessary, proper service calls can be placed so that the equipment can be back on line for the next user ASAP.

If we all adhere to these guidelines, everyone’s time in the center will be productive.