Faculty & Staff

Jonathan Blaize

Visiting Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

718-420-4072 jonathan.blaize@wagner.edu

Genetics, Gene Expression and Development, Neuroscience

Kathleen Bobbitt

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

718-390-3247 kbobbitt@wagner.edu Megerle Science Building 317

Microbiology and immunology

Heather Cook

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

718-390-3238 heather.cook@wagner.edu Megerle Science Building 420

Cell, Developmental and Molecular Biology

Christopher Corbo

Asst Prof Biological Sciences, Biological Sciences

718-390-3385 ccorbo@wagner.edu Megerle Science Building 319

Microbiology, Neurobiology and Electron Microsopy

Zoltan Fulop

Professor, Biological Sciences

718-390-3251 zfulop@wagner.edu Megerle Science Building 419

Neurophysiology and histology

Javier Rivera-Guzman

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

718-420-4463 javier.rivera-guzman@wagner.edu Megerle Science Hall 318

Horst Onken

Professor, Biological Sciences

718-420-4211 horst.onken@wagner.edu Megerle Science Building 411 (office), 406 (lab)

Physiology and zoology. Director of the Honors Program.

Brian Palestis

Professor, Biological Sciences

718-390-3237 bpalesti@wagner.edu Megerle Science Building 413

Department chair

Linda Raths

Associated Faculty, Biological Sciences

718-390-3129 lraths@wagner.edu Megerle Science Building 414

Human anatomy and physiology

Donald Stearns

Professor, Biological Sciences

718-390-3197 dstearns@wagner.edu Megerle Science Building 410

Ecology and zoology

Adjunct faculty and staff


Stephanie Rollizo

Faculty Secretary, Biological Sciences

718-390-3103 stephanie.rollizo@wagner.edu Megerle Science Building 412

Indirectly involved in all research projects of the Department and assists every Biology student!

Lisamarie Alba

Adjunct Faculty, Biology

718-390-3103 lisamarie.alba@wagner.edu


Carla Beeber

Adjunct Faculty, Biological Sciences

718-390-3103 carla.beeber@wagner.edu

Sherry Browne

Adjunct Faculty, Biological Sciences


Susan Briffa

Adjunct Faculty, Biological Sciences


Ryan Contino

Adjunct Faculty, Biological Sciences


Environmental Science

Jennifer Frydberg

Adjunct Faculty, Biological Sciences


Michael Gutkin

Adjunct Faculty, Biological Sciences

718-390-3250 michael.gutkin@wagner.edu

Human Anatomy & Physiology; Basic Medical Histology

Kim Joho

Adjunct Faculty, Biological Sciences


Linda Panyu

Adjunct Faculty, Biological Sciences


Lakshmi Yerneni

Adjunct Faculty, Biological Sciences

718-390-3101 lakshmi.yerneni@wagner.edu

Cell biology and genetics


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