B.S. Biopsychology

Biopsychology is an interdisciplinary area of study where the major area of interest is the relationship between physiological and psychological systems. Study focuses on the neural mechanisms of behavior and cognition, evolutionary development of the nervous system, and mechanisms of nervous system and psychiatric disorders.

The biopsychology major prepares students for graduate study in biopsychology, neuropsychology, neurobiology, or related fields and for careers requiring a solid foundation in science. Graduate programs in biopsychology (also known as physiological psychology, psychobiology, and behavioral neuroscience are often located in psychology departments.

Requirements for a Major in Biopsychology (B.S.)

Please visit the Psychology Department website for details

Students should decide by their junior year if they will complete their senior learning community in Psychology or Biological Sciences and inform the appropriate department:

Biological Sciences is recommended for students considering medical/dental school or graduate studies in the biological sciences or neuroscience/neurobiology.
Psychology is recommended for students considering graduate studies in psychology or neuroscience with emphasis on biopsychology.