Senior Learning Community

For all students who declare their major within the department,  an experiential project taken as  "Research for Senior Thesis" (BI/MI 400E) is mandatory.

Please note:  Students doing research should be aware that limited funding is available, thanks to biology and microbiology alumni.  A simple form outlining the research and projected costs should be completed and submitted to the department chair for approval.  Application

This research can be done in the laboratory of one of the professors within the department, or during an internship at a research institution with an on-site supervisor and with a faculty supervisor from the department.

Further details can be found in the "Guidelines for the Senior Learning Community" in Biology/Microbiology/Biopsychology which can be downloaded below.
In their "Senior Thesis" (BI/MI 400{W}) seniors will elaborate a thesis that must follow a particular format using the template within the guidelines.


Senior Learning Community 2015
Form for Senior Research 400E

Thesis Body 1

Thesis Body 2

After a student declares her/his major, it is strongly recommended to collect information about the research areas of the professors of the department and to contact them for possible research collaborations.

To better tailor a senior project to the wishes and capabilities of a student, some professors require students to spend at least one semester of research in their lab (usually as BI/MI 493/494: Undergraduate Research) before they enter into BI/MI 400E under their supervision.