Faculty, Administration & Staff

Dr. Geofrey T Mills

Interim Dean of the Nicolas School of Business, Business Department

718-390-3386 geofrey.mills@wagner.edu Campus Hall 225

PhD., Economics, specialties in macroeconomic stabilization, international economics and finance

Shani Carter

Professor, Business, Nicolais School

shani.carter@wagner.edu Campus Hall 220

Director of Accreditation
Director of MBA Program
Ph.D., Industrial and Labor Relations (Major in Human Resources)

Donald Crooks

Professor, Business, Nicolais School

dcrooks@wagner.edu Campus Hall 227

Certified Black Belt Lean/Six Sigma
Ph.D., Finance

Frank DeSimone

Associate Professor, Business, Nicolais School

718-420-4491 frank.desimone@wagner.edu Campus Hall 216

Ph.D., International Management, International School of Management (ISM)

Peg Horan

Professor, Business, Nicolais School

718-390-3437 phoran@wagner.edu Campus Hall 221

D.P.S., Finance, Economics, C.P.A

Richard LaRocca

Associate Professor, Business, Nicolais School

richard.larocca@wagner.edu Campus Hall 230

Chair of Academic Honesty Committee
D.P.S., Finance, Economics

Cathyann Tully

Professor, Business, Nicolais School

718-390-3439 cathyann.tully@wagner.edu Campus Hall 224

Director of Undergraduate Business Program
D.P.S., Finance

Arleen Wilk

Administrative Assistant, Business, Nicolais School

718-390-3447 awilk@wagner.edu Campus Hall 223

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