Welcome to the Nicolais School of Business at Wagner College

This is an exciting time for us as we continue to create new opportunities for our students to get involved in the local and global community and further develop impactful programs to help our students thrive.

Our faculty mentor and coach our students to ensure they enter the workforce as data-informed decision makers, effective communicators, ethical leaders and responsible global citizens.

In the classroom, our students are challenged to get comfortable with messy business problems, be intellectually curious, and develop resilience. Our innovative teaching methods focus on experiential learning and students work to solve real-world business problems for businesses and non-profit companies of all sizes. 

In the Nicolais School, you will have access to our engaged alumni network and our New York City location which opportunities for internships and employment at prestigious firms across the globe. 

Come join us as we continue to invest in student success and take the Nicolais School of Business to new heights.

Aarti S. Ivanic, Ph.D.

Dean and Associate Professor
Nicolais School of Business


Our faculty have expertise in core business disciplines – finance, marketing, management, and accounting. With a wealth of academic and industry experience, innovative research, and a deep commitment to student success, our  faculty serve as mentors and help students discover their path, find their edge, and rise to new heights!



Richard LaRocca

Associate Professor, Business, Nicolais School

richard.larocca@wagner.edu Campus Hall 230

Chair of Academic Honesty Committee
D.P.S., Finance, Economics

Cathyann Tully

Professor, Business, Nicolais School

718-390-3439 cathyann.tully@wagner.edu Campus Hall 224

Director of Undergraduate Business Program
D.P.S., Finance


Shani Carter

Professor, Business, Nicolais School

shani.carter@wagner.edu Campus Hall 220


Ph.D., Industrial and Labor Relations (Major in Human Resources)

Frank DeSimone

Associate Professor, Business, Nicolais School

718-420-4491 frank.desimone@wagner.edu Campus Hall 216

Ph.D., International Management, International School of Management (ISM)

Sajad Ebrahimi

Assistant Professor, Business, Nicolais School

sajad.ebrahimi@wagner.edu Campus Hall 227


Paul Barretta

Associate Professor, Business, Nicolais School

718-390-3434 paul.barretta@wagner.edu Campus Hall 219


Ph.D., Marketing

Jing Chen

Assistant Professor, Business, Nicolais School


Aarti Ivanic

Dean of the Nicolais School of Business, Business, Nicolais School

aarti.ivanic@wagner.edu Campus Hall 225


Heyun Li-Ore

Assistant Professor of Accounting, Business, Nicolais School



Arleen Wilk

Academic Administrative Assistant, Business, Nicolais School

718-390-3447 awilk@wagner.edu Campus Hall 223


Rosa Santana

Director of Career Planning & Development, Business, Nicolais School


Afro-Taina, Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc., Networking Guru, Tech Savage, Dog Mom of 2