Dr. Xiaodan (Dani) Dong, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor of Marketing
Office: 215 Campus Hall
Phone: 718-390-3182
Email: xiaodan.dong@wagner.edu


Teaching Interests: International Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sports Marketing, Retail Marketing, Marketing Management, etc.

Research Interests
: International marketing, strategic alliances, market orientation, sales management


Dr. Xiaodan Dong is from Chengdu, China. She came to the US in 2004, and received her M.S. in 2006. Upon the graduation, she worked in services industry in California. In 2008, Xiaodan went back to school to pursue the doctoral degree. In 2012, she joined the Wagner College as an Assistant Professor of Marketing.


Dong, Xiaodan , Christian Hinsch, Shaoming Zou, and Huifen Fu (2013). “The Effect of Market Orientation Dimensions on Multinational SBU’s Strategic Performance: An Empirical Study,”International Marketing Review, 30 (6), 591-616. Link to the article

Mantrala, Murali, Shrihari Sridhar, and Xiaodan Dong (2012), “Acquisition Orientation Versus Customer Retention Orientation in India: From the Perspective of Sales Force Job Posts,” Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 27 (3), 169-175. Link to the article

Morgan, Mark and Xiaodan Dong (2008), “Measuring Passenger Satisfaction of Interpretive Programs on Two Amtrak Trains in the Midwest,” Journal of Interpretation Research, 13(2), 43-58.

Conference Proceedings:

Dong, Xiaodan, “Don’t Rush to Sell! Salespeople’s Influence Strategies and Consumers’ Reciprocity,” 2011 American Marketing Association Winter Educator’s Conference, Austin, TX, February 2011.

Dong, Xiaodan, Christian Hinsch, and Shaoming Zou, “Responsiveness Increases MNCs’ Performance. Really?” 20th Annual Robert Mittelstaedt Doctoral Symposium, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, April 2011, 55-73.

Mantrala, Murali, Shrihari Sridhar, and Xiaodan Dong, “Developing India-Centric B2B Sales Theory,” 2012 American Marketing Association. Winter Educator’s Conference, St. Petersburg, FL, February 2012.

Zhang, Zelin, Xiaodan Dong, MuraliMantrala, and Yihao Zhang, “A Multi-period Model for Scheduling Product line Sales Promotions,” 2013 Marketing Science. Istanbul, Turkey, July 2013.

Professional Associations:

American Marketing Association (AMA)
Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM)