Program Characteristics

Program Characteristics

The curriculum of the Executive MBA Program consists of 45 credits (15 three-credit courses and a non-credit workshop). Courses are grouped into three segments:

  • 21 credit functional tier
  • 12 credit integrative tier
  • 12 credit behavioral tier

The program provides a strong functional core that gives students specific technical expertise in economics, accounting, management, marketing, finance, statistics and computer usage. The integrative tier insures that students understand how the entire organization functions and the interrelationship of the organization with its environment. The behavioral tier helps students learn about the consequences of their personal management style and to develop more effective methods of motivating the people they manage. Collectively, the courses of study provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for dealing with the new and complex problems and challenges that today's managers face in our rapidly changing society and world.

As members of this program, students attend classes with other professionals, from a wide range of industries, and share their experiences and perceptions. Throughout the program students remain together as a cohort group and take their courses in a prescribed sequence. The curriculum employs both traditional and leading-edge technologies in delivering management education. Methods of instruction include:

  • Traditional lectures and class discussions
  • Case studies
  • Advanced computer simulations
  • Experiential exercises

A unique feature of the program is the use of a large-scale behavioral simulation. Participants in the simulation assume specific managerial roles in a fictitious organization and are given feedback on their use of strategic leadership skills and their ability to influence change in their organizations.

Please be noted that the Texas Instrument BA II Plus and a PC with Microsoft Office are required for all.

International Trip

As part of their program, students will participate in a Global Competitive Business Study related to their studies in international business and the business-government relationship. This project is a one-week program in the major business centers of one or two foreign countries. Since 1999, the project has taken place in England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, France, Belgium, Greece, and the Netherlands.

Class Schedule

Classes are normally scheduled on Saturdays (8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.), for three semesters during the year. No classes will be offered on holidays or during August. Such a schedule gives students the opportunity to attend classes only on weekends and imposes minimum interruptions in their work and personal activities. Courses are taken in a prescribed sequence.