Traditional MBA Program

The Traditional MBA program is an evening/weekend program. Students enrolled in the program attend classes on weekdays during the evening, and also have the option to take some classes on Saturdays and Sundays. Business students can major in one or two of four areas: Finance, Health Care Administration, Management, and Marketing.

The Traditional Program is structured to develop competitive managerial leaders and decision makers in the private and public sectors. Students will gain a liberal arts background and a comprehensive business education, study theory and its application, and gain a flexible managerial perspective.

By graduation, students in the Traditional MBA program gain the knowledge and the tools to demonstrate:

  • A comprehensive knowledge of, and a global perspective on, key business concepts and skills.
  • Competence in the application of business concepts and skills in the field of the student’s major.
  • Strong quantitative skills to analyze and describe major business issues.
  • Ability to conduct empirical research and report the results effectively and professionally.

Please be noted that the Texas Instrument BA II Plus and a PC with Microsoft Office are required for all.